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Client since 1995

Dr. Dennis Marr
Dentist, Michigan

"I have been a practicing general dentist for more than 24 years. I graduated from Michigan State University and the University of Detroit Dental School.

A friend and former business associate initially introduced me to FreeLife. I have always been interested in nutrition and have developed quite a library on the topic. When my friend mentioned Dr. Earl Mindell's name along with FreeLife, I was immediately interested. I had several of his books including The Vitamin Bible and knew of his knowledge and reputation in the field.

As I studied the products formulated by Dr. Mindell I knew I had found 'my' company. I was tired of researching and piecing together bottle after bottle of different supplements. It was also getting to be time-consuming and expensive! I knew I could trust Dr. Mindell to formulate products that were bioavailable and standardized. I like the fact that FreeLife's product labels were accurate and that the company did not jump at the newest craze on the market, instead they introduced new products only when they were completely confident with their research. I was also impressed with the fact that FreeLife introduced new products several times a year and also updated products as new research came forth.

When I began investigating FreeLife I found an honest management team that had a long-term commitment to the company and its distributors. I was especially impressed with the way FreeLife understood the unique aspects of the health profession. I liked the personal support offered by Dr. Mindell when I had specific questions that needed to be answered.

Dr. Timothy H. Hogan
Family Physician, Ohio

"I am a board-certified family physician and one of the few who still practices obstetrics. I received my M.D. from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada in 1983. I practiced in Canada for 10 years as a solo physician in a rural area, before emigrating to the U.S. in 1994. I am now in a full-time group practice, seeing anywhere from 40-45 people on any given day.

Approximately 90% of the problems I see in primary care consist of chronic ailments, for which conventional medicine has no good cure. Since leaving medical school, I have always been fully aware of the impact optimal nutrition has had on the health of people and I have seen dramatic results with nutritional supplementation. Until I met FreeLife, however, I had not found a product line that I could wholeheartedly recommend.

When I was introduced to FreeLife, I realized they had the highest quality supplements that I had ever seen-ones that I could, without reservation, recommend to people. I have found that the DinoPals provide the optimum necessary nutrients to boost a child's immune system. Basic Mindell Plus increases vitality, energy and enhanced sense of well-being. Needless to say, to a physician who deals with problems all day long, this is a welcome addition to my hectic lifestyle. But more than that, I am assured that according to the very latest scientific research on the health benefits of nutritional supplementation, I am, through the FreeLife supplement program, helping to greatly lower people's risk of developing health concerns that rob them of a long and healthy life.

From a business perspective, I must confess that being married with six children, home-schooling and having a full-time practice, I was not looking for something else to take up my time. However, when I looked at the income potential with FreeLife and the increasing pressures and bureaucracies of modern day medical practice, building a FreeLife organization was something that I could not overlook. And to think that I was able to do this while also helping people feel better and enhance their overall health was icing on the cake!

What impresses me most about FreeLife, aside from their superior product line, is the managerial team of Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier, who bring to the company their integrity, professionalism, honesty and a real love for people. Dr. Earl Mindell gives FreeLife a superb edge in the scientific community with cutting-edge technology.

I believe FreeLife will help me accomplish two of my primary goals in life-financial freedom and time freedom. As the saying goes, 'when you find a winner, go with it.' With FreeLife, I have not only found a winner now, but also a company built to last, not only for my generation but for my children as well."

Dr. Scott P. Huber
Chiropractor, New Jersey

"I was first introduced to FreeLife in the middle of a typical busy work day by someone who has not only become one of FreeLife's top producers, but is also a very close friend. At that time, I had been a practicing chiropractor in private practice for more than 12 years had nine practices operating. My business life was, to say the least, stressful and it dominated my personal life. With my practices in three states, I was always going somewhere related to business and going nowhere in my personal life.

What got my attention about FreeLife was when the Marketing Executive mentioned the name Dr. Earl Mindell and that he had his own line of nutritional products that were now available to the public. I knew of Dr. Mindell from being introduced to his book, The Vitamin Bible, as an intern at Texas Chiropractic College in the early 1980s. I had used his book as a reference for making nutritional recommendations to people and as a reference for articles that I had published about nutrition.

Another benefit of using FreeLife's products is the opportunity to establish your own business. By using these products and recommending them to my customers, family, friends and other colleagues, I can build my own FreeLife organization. It is great to help so many people to find health and benefit financially. Thanks to FreeLife, I now have only one practice and a better handle on my personal life. And as my business continues to grow, I am able to enjoy more and more free time."

Dr. Ivan Melendez Rivera
Family Physician Puerto Rico

"I am a board-certified family physician with an added qualification in primary care for HIV patients and nutrition. For five years, I have combined my private practice with the coordination of ambulatory health programs for one of the biggest health agencies on the Island.

While taking additional nutrition classes beyond the ones offered in my postgraduate program, I discovered Dr. Mindell's books, which played a key role in my learning. After finishing my studies, I began to apply what I learned in private practice and found that various companies in the nutritional field approached me to distribute their products. I discovered that the quality of their products was not satisfactory. Then I received a call from a dear friend of mine who told me she was a Marketing Executive with FreeLife and they distributed Dr. Mindell's products-these words were like heaven to me!

I quickly discovered that doing what I loved most also offered me an additional benefit of being able to work for FreeLife. Today I have over 50 distributors in my organization, among them are internists, rheumatologists, physical therapists, family practitioners and chiropractors-all with whom I share FreeLife's mission. The impact that FreeLife has had on my life and my customers' lives inspired me to design a seminar about nutrition that has been approved by the Puerto Rican/American Medical Association for three hours of credit. The Association of Practical Nurses and the Association of Medical Technologists have also approved this seminar. I have found a professionalism and commitment in FreeLife that other companies lack. I have found a home at FreeLife. For me, FreeLife is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary!"

Dr. Robban Sica
Medical Doctor, Connecticut

"I graduated from the Medical College of Ohio in 1982 and pursued residency training in both internal medicine and psychiatry. Then I began studying alternative therapies, searching for ways to help my patients get healthier and lead more satisfying lives. I also studied environmental medicine and nutritional therapies. Through my journey over the last 14 years, I evolved my practice of integrative, holistic medicine.

Since I frequently recommend nutritional and herbal supplements to promote health, as well as helping them with health concerns, I have evaluated large numbers of nutritional supplement formulations and companies. My goal was to find products that produce rapid positive benefits with the highest quality control.

As I experimented with more of the FreeLife products, especially Feeling Young, Osteosoy, and Looking Young, I found consistent beneficial effects.

As an environmental physician, I am also impressed by Organic Essentials. The quality is exceptional and I have experienced the benefits personally of using these products. The dedication to educating people about health hazards in cosmetics is what impressed me about FreeLife.

When evaluating FreeLife, I decided to visit the Corporate Office. There I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier. As we chatted about nutrition and our visions, I could see the integrity, positive intention, courage and dedication these two men possess. I knew then that FreeLife was a company that I would feel confident and proud to associate myself with.

As I began to see their vision of FreeLife, I too began to fall in love with their way of sharing positive benefits and the opportunity for a better life. With the encouragement, camaraderie and support of my support line, we began sharing FreeLife with other doctors and nutritionists.

I now have over 200 customers and business builders in my organization and my business is really taking off. What could be better than helping others to feel better, function better, improve the quality of their life and live more fully? And we're having a lot of fun in the process!"

Dr. Matthew Silver
Medical Doctor, Maryland

"I was faced with many challenges before retiring from my medical practice in December of 1996 including:

-An underlying desire to help my people with a more natural approach to health and wellness than traditional drug therapy with the ongoing problem of adverse side effects.
-Increasing frustration with the business of medical practice due to managed care and other market forces beyond my control; I found myself working longer and harder just to maintain the same or even lower net income.
-A conflict between earning a good income and having my quality of my life suffer because of the lack of free time to enjoy that income.

I was finding that the job satisfaction in medical practice was decreasing dramatically right along with the quality of my life. Money was not the key issue… feeling good about what I was doing and how I was doing it was far more important to me and always will be.

I decided to take a closer look at FreeLife in April of 1995 because I recognized that many of the latest advances in nutritional science were being made available through them. I made a thorough investigation of the company including its management, financing and most importantly, its products. I then decided that it met all the necessary criteria of excellence and quality with which I would want to be affiliated.

Since joining FreeLife in 1995, I have experienced a tremendous amount of success both personally and professionally. At the same time, I am able to help customers, friends, and relatives with the best nutritional and personal care products available. I have seen great improvement in my own health and energy level, which naturally has led me to share the products with as many people as possible. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see how much people have benefited from FreeLife products. I am a firm believer in the old saying, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' and that this is especially true when it comes to health. I am thoroughly convinced that by sharing FreeLife's products, I am helping many people maintain their health.

As far as the financial benefit of FreeLife, I was able to retire from my medical practice after less than two years of involvement on a part-time basis. I feel privileged to share my story of financial success with health practitioners and lay people alike who may also be looking for a second income opportunity as I was.

All of the many benefits I have found in FreeLife can best be summarized in the company's mission statement, 'to serve each other by promoting good health, well-being and the opportunity for an abundant life.'"

Lori Solis
Registered Nurse, Washington

"I have been a registered nurse for twenty years. I received my Bachelor's Degree in nursing from Texas Woman's University and worked in pediatrics. I eventually received a license in massage therapy and had my own neuromuscular therapy practice. My education in the direct influence of nutrition on health broadened as I worked with my own clients who had challenges with soft tissue health related to lifestyle and food choices. I did quite a bit of nutritional counseling with these clients and used Dr. Mindell's The Vitamin Bible as a reference. My experience in the medical arena, both traditional and holistic, has given me a well-rounded view of the health needs of the general population.

I was introduced to FreeLife when it was only nine months old. My skepticism with a new nutritional product line was challenged, but because Dr. Mindell was the formulator, I agreed to try the products. I did an intense investigation into how the products were formulated, the quality of ingredients used, the bioavailability, etc. The areas that especially intrigued me were the soy delivery system, the water extraction process for obtaining nutrients from plant material, the scientific documentation of ingredients and Dr. Mindell's own commitment to using only ingredients supported by the most current research.

Although I had been on a sound nutritional program for many years, after just four days on Dr. Mindell's products I noticed such a difference in my energy and clarity that I knew he had created something far different from anything I had been exposed to before. I made a commitment to FreeLife for my family and myself and to help share the message that others, too, could experience improved and protected health.

I believe that the Basic Mindell Plus provides nutrients that are lacking in our food. The Soy Miracle Ultimate Shake makes a great breakfast. And I also recommend the MSM Ultra to everyone to help their bodies release toxins and assimilate nutrients. I have found Memory Mate helps with the circulation in my lower legs. My family uses almost all the products and because they work so well, they have been easy to share with others. We especially love Organic Essentials.

Although I no longer have my own health-orientated practice, I have developed a healthy business across the nation as friends and acquaintances have found similar results with FreeLife's products. I currently have Customers and Marketing Executives across the country and am grateful to be able to influence so many from my own home. What I love most about FreeLife is that as the company has grown from just a few products and customers to many products and thousands of people, the foundation of trust and integrity has remained the same. I have watched the corporate team work together to build a company that will be here for generations.

As we step into the new millennium and seek ways to support the health needs of many, I believe FreeLife will continue to make a significant impact. I am proud to be a health professional who shares Dr. Mindell's mission to help people take responsibility for their health and FreeLife's message of toxin-free personal care.

Wil Accardo
Registered Nurse, Kansas

"I have been a registered nurse for the past 34 years. I graduated from Long Island University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing. I completed a preceptorship in Community Health Nursing in the Army in 1966. In that capacity, I worked in Health and Environment, with program emphasis on prevention of disease and injury and promotion of well-being for military families. My work over the past 14 years in the civilian area has included duties in physical rehabilitation, chemical dependency and mental health.

I was introduced to FreeLife in the Fall of 1997. My sponsor's knowledge and excitement regarding the FreeLife opportunity, its leadership, integrity and quality products, caused me to take a serious look at the company. And I'm glad I did because it embraces the ideals and goals that I've personalized for my entire professional career! The focus on health maintenance, as well as the excellent Compensation Plan prompted me to become a FreeLife Marketing Executive.

My current FreeLife business covers a total of seven states. I have several key leaders and I am focused on assisting them in building their groups, while continuing to seek other FreeLife leaders.

My primary reasons for associating with FreeLife include the high level of leadership and integrity with both corporate and local leaders, as well as the proven track record and sincere support demonstrated by my support line in building my FreeLife business. Additionally, the quality, pricing, and effectiveness of FreeLife products and the remarkable Compensation Plan, which allow growth in residual income, are great. These factors motivate me to enthusiastically share our advanced nutritional products and the FreeLife business opportunity with others!"

Just What the Doctor Ordered!
Members of the medical community applaud FreeLife

Modern medicine is a technological marvel. Nearly every day researchers discover new treatments and techniques that make possible what only could have been imagined just a few years ago. (Who would have thought "bloodless surgery" would ever be more than a contradiction in terms?) But with much of the focus of medicine in the ’90s still on prescription medications and the treatment of disease, increasingly more people are turning to non-traditional and holistic health care practitioners for alternatives. According to a recent article in The Journal of the American Medical Association, 40% of Americans seek those alternatives. Greater still are the numbers of Americans who are taking charge of their own health—more than 50% of this country’s 260 million people—by taking nutritional supplements to maintain health.

Like a ship that turns slowly, the medical community is beginning to acknowledge what numerous scientific studies already indicate overwhelmingly: taking nutritional supplements greatly enhances health, overall well-being and longevity. Unlike many of their colleagues who may focus more on treatment than health maintenance, the three doctors you are about to meet emphasize taking a proactive approach to wellness. One of the significant ways they’ve been able to achieve this is through their involvement with FreeLife.

Prescription for Success

Dr. Matt Silver has found that FreeLife’s nutritional products are the best on the market.

According to Dr. Matt Silver, his main motivation for becoming a doctor was rather simple: he wanted to help people improve their health and overall wellness. While attending Howard University College of Medicine and during his residency in particular, Dr. Silver saw many diseases that he felt were related to poor lifestyle choices — improper diet, lack of exercise and high stress levels. That’s when he developed a strong interest in health maintenance and a "holistic" model of wellness, or one that sees people as multidimensional and therefore having many factors that contribute to illness.

Throughout his 18-year career as a Family Practice physician in Maryland, Dr. Silver combined his personal interest in nutrition and nutritional supplements with his belief in health maintenance and an integrative approach to medical care. He was an active proponent of health education, developing and teaching classes on stress management, emotional wellness, smoking cessation and nutrition. In the office, he also tried to share as much information as possible about the value of good nutrition and taking supplements with patients. But, he admits: "It was a time crunch. With the limited time you have to spend with patients, often you’re only able to deal with the immediate problem for which they’re seeking help."

These types of limitations with traditional medicine were part of what prompted Dr. Silver to become involved in network marketing. "Early on, my reasoning was two-tiered," he said. "First, I wanted to have access to high quality nutritional products that I’d feel comfortable recommending to anyone. Second, I wanted to generate a secondary income that, over time, would allow me to move away from traditional medicine and into more of teaching and educational mode."

Dr. Silver found that with FreeLife. He heard about FreeLife while he was involved with another nutritional network marketing company. A member of his organization decided to switch to FreeLife, and after hearing that Dr. Mindell was affiliated with the company, Dr. Silver made the move as well — but not until he had done his homework. "Based on what I found while researching the company, I made a commitment to FreeLife," Dr. Silver said. "Since then, I’ve been more impressed with the integrity of the leadership of corporate FreeLife than I have with the leadership of any other network marketing company I’ve been involved with, and that goes back 15 years."

As a practicing physician, Dr. Silver’s mission was to help patients stay well, rather than treating them once they got sick. He’s been able to do that on an ongoing basis with FreeLife since he gave up his practice in December 1996 to join the company full-time. "The products have allowed me to make much better recommendations for the types of supplements to take," Dr. Silver mentioned. "They are based on the latest nutritional science, and documented research shows that the products are well formulated and synergistically balanced to work with each other. Across the line, I know I’m recommending the best nutritional supplements available today."

Dr. Silver feels FreeLife is about more than its products, however. "Through FreeLife, I’m able to reach many thousands of people in promoting health and well-being — directly or indirectly — that I never could do in medicine," he said. "I look forward to being increasingly able to impact the lives of large numbers of people as my organization grows."

Health Maintenance as Cure

Dr. Nellie Grose believes that FreeLife will set the standard for the nutrition and network marketing industries.

Dr. Nellie Grose, a graduate of the medical school at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a Family Practice physician in Texas, became interested in nutrition through her patients. Many of them asked her questions about how to integrate proper nutrition in their lives, or requested her opinion on particular supplements. "It was through a need that I began to learn more about nutrition," she said. "All of my learning was self-study — taking courses, reading and learning from nutritionists."

The value of proper nutrition fits like a puzzle piece into Dr. Grose’s philosophy as a physician. She believes that the mind, body and spirit express health, which is not simply the absence of disease — it is wellness. To bring about this wellness, Dr. Grose feels that proactive care is essential. "That’s my mission," she said. "Ultimately, everyone is responsible for his or her own health. My focus always has been on health maintenance as the best cure, and I believe that nutrition is key in health maintenance."

Dr. Grose first heard about FreeLife more than two years ago when a friend faxed her some information on Soygenol 100, FreeLife’s exclusive soy-activated antioxidant. "What got my attention was that it combined grape seed, Japanese green tea and soy — three essential elements to good nutrition and health that I had been preaching about for a long time," Dr. Grose said. "I was excited that it came in pill form at a reasonable cost, and even more thrilled that Dr. Earl Mindell had formulated it. That one product got me into FreeLife."

In fact, Dr. Grose looks for certain characteristics in any product. "I want to see the quality of it, the purity of it, if it really does what it says it will, and if it has any warning labels," she noted. "But the bottom line is that it has to work. People need to get results, and it has to be affordable." On all of these counts, Dr. Grose has confidence in FreeLife products. She researched the product line and the company first, however. "When I met with Ray, Kevin and Dr. Mindell, I felt they were honest-to-goodness people who wanted to do and bring out the best for people."

Dr. Grose feels it was timing and experience that led her to FreeLife. "I believe in FreeLife and network marketing because it’s the perfect way for me to help people improve their health and the quality of their lives through nutrition," she said. "What I see in FreeLife is a company that will set the standard for both the nutrition industry and for network marketing. There’s always something new at FreeLife, and it always is growing. That’s what will make the company stronger. The vision. The new story."