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Top Seven Reasons to Shop at FreeLife

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Top Seven Reasons to Shop at FreeLife

We know how important your health is to you. We also know that shopping for wellness products can be overwhelming with choices. FreeLife is changing the state of wellness everywhere with products that help you to Look Younger, Feel Younger—Guaranteed! Tens of thousands of satisfied customers buy our wellness products every month with remarkable results.

Here are the top seven reasons to shop at FreeLife:

1. Results!

Every month, tens of thousands of FreeLife Customers order our products. They do so primarily for one reason: Our products work! They make a dramatic difference in people's lives. FreeLife has enjoyed unparalleled customer loyalty since our first business year in 1995. Month after month our Customers continue to order FreeLife products with the assurance that they are getting the finest wellness products in the world. FreeLife has enjoyed the support of Health Practitioners nationwide who recommend our products each day to their patients. So compelling have been the results associated with our products, that even world class athletes have made FreeLife products a part of their daily regimen.

2. Real Science!

All of our ingredients are supported by exacting scientific research from major research centers and universities. Because our mission is to help people improve their health naturally, we have insisted from the beginning that the foundation to our product line is an unwavering commitment to research based on the most stringent scientific standards. This on-going commitment goes hand in hand with our worldwide research for the most natural, safe, and effective ingredients. We simply would not have it any other way. This standard of excellence is one of many reasons that FreeLife enjoys the endorsement of so many Health Care Professionals.

3. Exclusive Formulas!

FreeLife has associated itself with the world's leading formulators. Real science only becomes effective when the results are combined in exclusive formulations that do what they are designed to do. FreeLife's products work so well because we have insisted on combining cutting-edge scientific research with the leading formulators in the world.

Our nutritional products are developed by Dr. Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D., Master Herbalist, the leading authority in the field of nutrition and the author of the 10 million bestseller The Vitamin Bible. Dr. Mindell uses his 30 years of groundbreaking research to meticulously formulate each and every product to his exact standards and specifications. Each product is synergistically balanced in the exact ratios for maximum effectiveness, taking advantage of Dr. Mindell's latest scientific research.

Our personal care products and home care products are developed with a team of researchers to ensure that they are 100% natural and highly effective.

Together with Dr. Mindell and our team of researchers, we use ground-breaking research to develop proprietary formulas for FreeLife with one simple goal: to enhance human wellness, naturally. And FreeLife is constantly scanning the globe for new, exclusive, wellness products and ingredients that are scientifically proven to make a difference in your life. We continuously update our formulas based on this on-going research and development. Because of our outstanding reputation, FreeLife is often given the first opportunity for exclusive marketing rights to proprietary formulas and products. This is a significant advantage for all FreeLife Customers.

4. Extensive Quality Control!

Science and proprietary formulations are critically important, but their advantage is lost without the assurance of the highest possible standards in the manufacturing process. FreeLife follows an exhaustive state-of-the-art 30 step manufacturing process to ensure that all of its nutritional and personal care products deliver the expected results. These careful steps are expensive, time consuming, and detailed. We believe our Customers are worth every step!

5. Comprehensive Product Line!

The FreeLife product line can fulfill virtually all of your nutritional needs. Whether you are looking to strengthen your immune system, enhance your athletic performance, improve your joint health, lose weight, enhance the health, appearance and feel of your skin, hair and nails or simply have the best, scientifically proven nutritional foundation available. You can have it all with FreeLife, with the assurance that we are continually improving and expanding our product categories.

6. Value Pricing!

Our products are not inexpensive, but they are a remarkable value. One of the primary reasons Dr. Mindell developed his own line of nutritional products was because of the vast inconsistency in results people got with many nutritional supplements. Independent studies, such as those done by Self magazine, confirm Dr. Mindell's findings. Most manufacturers do not want to spend the extra time and money for the highest quality ingredients, extensive quality control and real, scientifically proven ingredients. That's why you can find supplements that cost much less than FreeLife's. But these products won't give you the same results! And you can't put a price on your health. FreeLife product value is reflected in our exclusive Basic Mindell Plus multivitamin, the foundation of our nutritional line. If you compare what it would cost you to purchase all of the 157 ingredients found in the Basic Mindell Plus, you would have to spend six to seven times more, without the benefit of the synergistic, sophisticated formulations and precise ratios so important for nutritional effectiveness. Additionally, all Advantage Customers ordering directly from FreeLife will receive a 30% discount off the retail price!

7. 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Look Younger, Feel Younger—Guaranteed! We know our products work. We have rigorous science and tens of thousands of testimonials to prove it. Hundreds of health practitioners around the country use and recommend our products. We have such confidence in the proven effectiveness of our products, that if you don't get the results you want, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. No hassle, no red-tape, no questions asked. It's our old-fashioned commitment to excellence and reliability, and an open invitation for you to become a life-long FreeLife Customer without risk!

More Reasons to Shop at FreeLife...

»Fastest Delivery!

No more waiting for products to be "in stock" before they are shipped. Since we keep our shelves fully stocked, we can ship all orders placed through within 48 business hours and will usually arrive within 5-7 business days.

» Now it's easy to get into optimal health!

Now, you don't have to go crazy comparing labels and trying to decide between 20 different weight loss products or 35 different multivitamins. FreeLife has done the work for you. Just pick the category and the most effective products for that category are just one click away. Remember, you can Look Younger, Feel Younger—Guaranteed!

» Safe Shopping Guarantee!

Shopping with is absolutely safe. You never have to worry about credit card safety over the Internet. We guarantee it. Period.

» We Protect Your Privacy!

We value you as a Customer, and we work hard to keep your trust. Read our Privacy Policy.

» Help Ten Hard-working American Families!

Each time you order, you are helping ten hard-working American families make ends meet. That's right! Unlike every other e-commerce company that we know of, we don't spend money on advertising. We put that advertising money back into producing higher quality products and into commission checks that we send to families who recommend our products to others. We are revolutionizing e-commerce and turning the traditional corporate model on its head!

Find out how YOU can take part in this revolution and earn substantial money by recommending our products to others.