Investment Highlights

  1. LV.Net provides high speed internet for corporate events and conventions like the most influential electronic show on the planet, International CES coming to Las Vegas in January 2014. Global delegates see free Wi-Fi as an opportunity when they consider moving their startup companies to Las Vegas. Marty Mizrahi insists. “Businesses need the Internet to recruit talent. Leaders in tech want to see how savvy our city is. Startup companies in Silicon Valley first ask Las Vegas developers, 'How fast is your Internet?' Now city officials can say, 'We provide free Wi-Fi downtown'.”

    LV.NET has saved the City of Las Vegas tens of millions by installing high speed transmissions to customers at no cost. Buy show tickets, reserve a hotel room, attend a virtual board meeting with business executives, apply for a job online, or simply send pictures in real time to relatives back home while you are on vacation in Vegas.

    “Las Vegas’ competitive advantage is directly tied to Internet access. Our town’s success depends on providing high speed Internet to pedestrians as well as corporations. This engineering enhances a phase of Wi-Fi our city has that other state capitols have failed to deliver. The speed currently has a download/upload thrust of 1Mbps per second. LV.Net gives entrepreneurs a free connection to business in Las Vegas.” - Mitchell Gonzalez, Vice President of LV.Net.