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Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting

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Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting

Company Overview

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Status: Private Company   Founded: 2004   Annual Revenue (2019): $60000
Exchange: - ID #: CH5071   Number of Employees: 2
Symbol: -   Website:
Industries:  Marketing Consulting Services, Administrative Management & General Management... Click here for more

Company Description
Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting Overview Cherilyn R. Lester consulting strives to change conventional thinking.
We like to think of your business like building a house. Each different room serves its own purpose, its own function. They must be built to make their function easier, otherwise the room won't be used to its full potential. The overall structure must be well built, or your house - or business - will fall down. You need the right people to build your house - and your business. Why wouldn't you call the best?

Because you didn't know about us yet. Cherilyn R. Lester consulting is a Customer Service & Sales Training Consulting firm specializing in Call Centre operations and retail. We help you build your business to your needs - on budget and on time.

Company History

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Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting History Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting was the brainchild of its namesake - Cherilyn R. Lester. After many years in the sales and customer service industry, she decided to try her hand at retail. Upon starting her first retail position, she was absolutely horrified. Customers were being ignored. Complaints went unanswered. Calls for help were only returned with the echo from the rear wall. Customer service and sales in retail was a disgrace to the industry!

Now understandably, most of the staff in retail are not exactly 6 figure earners. Most of them had little to no formal training. To most of them, this was a job until something better came along.

And that is why, in 2004, Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting was born. Cherilyn wanted to not only improve customer service. That was not enough. She also wanted to give the staff in retail something to take with them to their careers - after all, without customer service and sales experience, Cherilyn herself wouldn't have a career!

And so, piece by piece, the business was born. One small step here, a bigger step there, a tiny step here. Now in its second year, Cherilyn R. Lester consulting has grown beyond the one-man (or woman) show and into a blossoming consulting firm. Training materials have been revised, tested, and revised again. Everything is seemingly perfect.

But there is one thing missing. Your customers haven't experienced the difference yet!
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