Merrick Management and Media Services

Merrick Management and Media Services

Merrick Management And Media Services has opened to provide administrative support to people who never thought they could have their own personal assistant. An "off-site" administrative assistant, or a V.A. (Virtual Assistant) works as your traditional "on-site" Assistant, except most of them operate from their own "off-site" offices. High speed internet, phone, fax, instant messaging and data transfer are the modes of communication. This is ideal for the entrepreneur, semi-retired person or small business owner. People such as these no longer need to carry the overhead of an employee by paying for health insurance, 401K, vacation days, bonuses, sick leave, office space, etc. Services such as these can be the ideal solution for anyone who needs assistance with personal administrative matters.

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Company History

Owner, Taryn Merrick, has over 15 years experience working in fast paced environments for top corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies. Merrick Management And Media Services is an exclusive personal administrative service, operating out of their Nashville offices, serving clients locally, nationally, and globally.

Merrick Management and Media Services caters’ to a select clientele of on the go individuals. All services are done in-house to provide complete security and confidentiality for their clients. Outsourcing is done on a select basis. Merrick Management and Media Services provides many services that are entirely custom tailored to suit each client's needs.