Second Half Playbook

Second Half Playbook

The Second Half Playbook, LLC ("Company") is targeting the Internet Laggard Market. It is made up of population groups that are not regularly using the internet. Usage obstacles include excessive typing, lack of privacy, inconsistent site navigation and tech complexity. (See: For Those Facebook Left Behind, David Pogue, New York Times

The Company's goal is to offer membership-based web sites designed to encourage usage and deliver transparently the content and tools to improve a user's lifestyles, family connections and pursuit of interests. The first
internet laggard group to be address is male boomers and retirees. Less than 30% are regular internet users. The first web site is For site features and usage access is built on a state-of-the-art content management system called Drupal ( It captures, indexes and uniformly displays content from over 400 web sites. Over 500,000 nodes of information are updated every 10 minutes.

The site utilizes a "dedicated" architecture that delivers content to the user in lieu of the user browsing for content. (see: Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet, Chris Anderson & Michael Wolff, Wired, Content is accessed via an icon oriented iPhone like app display.

The Second Half Playbook, LLC was founded by John Montelione. His prior startups are Mercury Computer Systems (NASDAQ: MRCY); Paragon Imaging, acquired by Ceridian and now a division of Textron (NYSE: TXT); and Guardian Solutions, acquired by the Telephonics division of Griffon Industries (NYSE: GFF)

The Company is located in Sarasota, Florida. The Company is a PayPal and Authorized.NET verified merchant.

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