Dalton Diesel

Dalton Diesel

Fast and responsive mobile boat and truck repair. Dalton Diesel has over 21 years of diesel repair and mobile mechanic experience supported by educational training and certifications. Experience as a shop supervisor of several truck fleets and working for various Government facilities as a fleet Maintenance Specialist has prepared Dalton Diesel for any type of diesel engine problem.

With Dalton Diesel you will receive quality workmanship and superb customer support. Dalton Diesel services all types of diesels in all types of trucks or boats. When you are in need of fast and responsive mobile repair service you should call only a professional, Dalton Diesel.

When servicing a diesel engine, the proper API designated oil must be used.

During the combustion of diesel fuel a great amount of soot that gets into the lubricating oil that tends to plug oil filters

Acids tend to form in diesel lube systems, caused by the combustion process and type of fuel burned. These, too, can shorten the life of oil filters as well as cause corrosive wear.

The importance of lube system service is apparent. Specified service internals, in fact, are usually shorter than those for gasoline engines.


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