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Welcome to your How To Drive A Car web site.This site is dedicated to all drivers regardless their age. Most of us are auto enthusiasts who, as people who drive cars, care to be sane and safe while driving our car on the highway. Our objective is to grow into a complete drivers resource center dedicated to the safety of all drivers like you by providing driving skills information, services, and products to enhance your driving skills and the “how to drive a car” knowledge required to increase your margin of safety on the highways.

With the launch of this site our mission to become the "best of the best" drivers education site on the internet is underway.

Our mission is to become the first driver training and education company on the internet dedicated to elevating the driving skills and “how to drive” knowledge of all driver's in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Currently the age of drivers licensing debate is going on in a great many if age had anything to do with safe driving and as to who is causing the most accidents and death on the nations highways. The department of motor vehicles and the highway patrol are largely the driving forces behind this age of drivers licensing debate focused on age change as to qualifying younger and older age drivers for a drivers license, make no mistake about it.

Driving a car is a learned skill. Our goal is to change the way people of all ages learn to drive by raising their level of driving skills and safety awareness through informative actionable drivers education video's, driver training defensive driving courses, and hands-on driving skills content. Our research and video content is the result of expert knowledge provided by some of the nation's leading safety include the National Safety Council

The content of each of our video’s has been developed from research gathered by top safety organizations, including the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. At this point, all of our courses are designed around driver education research to meet the demands of all drivers -- from the novice to the experienced driver... to driver training defensive driving courses...specialty driving... car crash videos... as dramatic learning devices plus relevant articles on safe driving

We are dedicated to providing our online customers outstanding driver education videos. The current drivers education market is basically void of superior driver education, self-instruction, and quality online driver safety programs and most do not deliver what they promise. Our videos in DVD and VHS format address specific driving programs, including defensive driving for beginning drivers, mature drivers, winter driving, road rage, How to Drive an SUV Safely, drinking and driving, dui crashes, and car crashes...all directed toward raising the skill level of everyone, regardless of age and hopefully in some measurable way mitigating the age of drivers licensing debate. The notion that age and age restrictions are related to or somehow will meaningfully reduce the cause and effect of accidents, injury and death on our nations highways is always debatable and very hard to prove without hard, concrete research to surface the ture facts. The reality of any opinion, it seems to us needs to be tested on the highways. In any case,iIt's time to put the age of drivers licensing debate to bed with a well funded reseach project conducted over a reasonable period of time before any rationale conclusions can be made.

We will gain your acceptance as "the" internet standard for skill specific, and vehicle-specific training and your trust and confidence that our driver education video programs and driver training defensive driving courses as recommended, are the most comprehensive, flexible, reasonably priced, easy-to-view and understand at any given time on the market as recommended by safety, loss control and risk management professionals nationwide. We have contacted a great many department of motor vehicle agencies such as the california dmv, virginia dmv, florida dmv, highway patrol officers, and even emergency vehicle operators, to gain valuable insight into the production of our videos. We are grateful to each and every one of them for their contributions.

We will continue to work closely with many private companies and national, state and local organizations in the development of our drivers education training materials in the interest of delivering to you, driver training defensive driving courses and superior videos through our own efforts and those of our partners to include the National Safety Council, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to name but a few to achieve a reputation as the best source of defensive driving information and videos available to the driving public in the United States.

Thanks for visiting our website, and REMEMBER to Be Safe! Drive Safe!

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