Carat Interactive

During a time when most traditional agencies were spinning out interactive shops, Carat Worldwide saw that the true power of communication is realized when online and offline efforts synchronize, strongly supporting each client's goals and objectives. Carat Interactive was born as a "spin-in" of Carat Worldwide, delivering on this promise of true integration.

Today, with more than 20 offices worldwide, Carat Interactive has developed and executed some of the most innovative, successful programs in the Industry, for Fortune500s and start-ups alike. If you ask our clients why they continue to work with us program after program, year after year, the reason is consistent - Carat Interactive partners with clients, providing them with guidance, insight, and new perspective. We pride ourselves on becoming a powerful extension of our clients' organizations. Rather than viewing us as simply their "agency," our clients see us as valuable advisors, trusted teammates.. good people to spend time with.

At the core of everything we do, be it media buying, creative, direct marketing or Internet development, the people of Carat Interactive have a shared vision and deep understanding of what moves people - all kinds of people. From discerning buyers of enterprise software, to avid gamers, to moms, to music lovers, our programs are crafted to engage, delight and entertain our clients' customers, ultimately transforming passive recipients into passionate evangelists.

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