Swift Office Services LLC

Swift Office Services provides administrative support on an as-needed basis. Yvonne McCoy, company founder, has more than 20 years experience supporting executives at various levels on both sides of the Atlantic, up to and including the Chief Information Officer of a Fortune 500 company and the head of the International Division of another.

With its own fully equipped office, Swift Office Services can help put more time back in to your day by taking care of all those tasks that don't require your individual attention. This approach helps you, as a business owner, keep your overhead down. No need to hire a permanent employee. No need to buy equipment. No need to cover sick pay, vacation time, Social Security or Medicare. Just a one-stop source for the help you need when you need it.

Is your business sending out an SOS? Call or email Yvonne, or visit the Swift Office Services web site to learn more about growing your business while keeping your costs down.


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