As wildfires again rage across California, Embers Out, LLC, a new company based in Yorba Linda, proudly announces the launch of its new line of fire and water damage prevention vents, designed to protect people and property that matter to you from the danger posed by spreading wildfires. Soon to be added to the CAL FIRE approved list, the Embers Out vents recently passed the ASTM—E2886 test for wildfire protection. Embers Out vents proved to be 100% effective at preventing ember penetration. Property owners may now purchase paintable Embers Out vents in multiple sizes for both existing and newly-constructed structures, all featuring the same innovative three way protection that blocks embers, prohibits wind-driven rain and rodents, bees, birds and other insects from entering the attic. Contact an Embers Out sales representative at or 714-363-3459, or visit

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