ECI Technology

ECI Technology

ECI Technology is the global leader in Chemical Monitoring Systems for Semiconductor, Printed Circuit Board and General Metal Finishing industries. Equipment manufactured by ECI is used for control of plating processes in all major Copper Wafer Manufacturing Fabs and PCB facilities worldwide. The company closely cooperates with the most advanced research centers and universities conducting R&D of new cutting edge technologies in the electroplating field and at the same time providing them with “real world” equipment for control of electroplating processes.

ECI’s mission is: To bring advanced technology, reliable equipment and technical support to the customers, making them more productive and competitive.


The technologies that have propelled ECI’s success:
· CVS – Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping
· SERA – Sequential Electrochemical Reduction Analysis
· ROSA – Reduced Oxide Soldering Activation

Products and Markets

ECI offers several product groups for a variety of applications relating to the electroplating, semiconductor electrodeposition, PCB production and general metal finishing markets. These include:
· QualiLab® - Bench top CVS units
· Quali-Line® - Automated On-Line CVS systems
· Surface Scan 100 – SERA based surface analysis unit
· Vibrobot Vibratory Plating Equipment

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