Kevin Smith Show

Kevin Smith Show

In the desert just north of Phoenix, Arizona a new nightly ritual has begun. One of the top paranormal radio talk shows on the planet is now broadcast live from Phoenix to an audience that spans 53 countries.

The Kevin Smith Show ranks among the top ten paranormal talk shows on Earth. Broadcast via the Globalstar Communications Network, 1.FM paranormal channel, and the internet, the Kevin Smith Show is now available to radio stations across America.

"This show is an audience builder," says Kevin Smith, former international police officer and host of the show. "My guests are hot and the topics are sizzling. People are interested in the strange and unexplained."

No matter where, people can listen to the live broadcasts. They can listen to the show over an affiliate radio station or the internet making it "a perfect medium for advertising".

The show goes on the air at 8:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) every night and invites the audience to call the toll-free number to express their views and comments.

The syndicated talk show is continuing to add affiliate stations. "In the beginning, consultants told me I didn't have a chance. Now, I sit at the microphone and speak to people in 53 countries. I am confident our radio syndication will go just as well. This show is an audience builder and that is what station owners and program directors want."

For information on adding the Kevin Smith Show to your programming line-up, contact Steeleye Broadcast Productions at 1-800-289-1092.

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