eCommerce Training Live

eCommerce Training Live is an online learning program which combines a passion for education, technology, digital marketing and storytelling into a platform that reaches as many people as possible who are looking for meaningful guidance, direction and connections.

Led by Mike Hoyles, who has held international-level eCommerce positions for multiple Fortune 500 Companies, eCommerce Training Live consists of an at-your-own-pace course, and a done-with-you weekly Zoom class for hands-on training with Q&A sessions.

We are committed to every participant's success and currently have a 100% success rate and 5-stars across the board on TrustPilot. We've had hundreds of people go through this program, at all levels of technical and digital understanding, and have helped every single one of them improve their online presence, eCommerce capabilities and understanding.

There are 75-video modules at this time, covering how to:
- Differentiate your brand online
- Develop your competitive positioning map
- Create a culture of testing (everything)
- Improve your online user experience
- Increase your conversion rates
- Create your own “Profitability Formula”
- Create value-adds & second-money campaigns
- Learn content marketing strategies
... and much more.

New videos are posted on a near-weekly basis, and existing members are grandfathered into all new content at no additional charge.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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