eCommerce Training Live Announces New Website & Interactive Program

Helping businesses shift online and master digital marketing to drive more revenue and conversions without obstacles.

eCommerce Training Live Announces New Website & Interactive Program
Calgary, Canada, March 08, 2022 --( eCommerce Training Live announced, today, that it has released its new eCommerce Training Program, offering an at-your-own-pace course and a done-with-you weekly Zoom class for hands-on training with Q&A sessions. The training helps organizations improve their digital marketing strategies and return on investment.

Grounded in real-world experience from leading digital and eCommerce teams, eCommerce Training Live’s Founder and Instructor, Mike Hoyles, has helped medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500s scale their companies and revenue over the past 20 years.

This update came from the fact that eCommerce growth during the pandemic has surpassed the compounded total of the previous 10 years. eCommerce is positioned to grow by more than 16% in 2022 alone, seeing just the US market surpassing $1.06T – a number that, prior to the pandemic, was not set to be reached until after 2024.

Additionally, increasing demand for digital transitioning and transformation is forcing companies to improve their online marketing efforts to remain competitive. Traditional brick and mortar retailers who felt the pinch of roaming lockdowns, amended hours and imposed restrictions are finding themselves bouncing back via online channels. Many brands with an existing online presence found themselves lacking in eCommerce and fulfillment capabilities.

~90% of all purchases start online, even if they are later fulfilled in person, such as automotive purchases or buying a new home. The eCommerce, digital marketing and basic online skills taught by eCommerce Training Live are paramount to have for forward-facing businesses and careers of the future.

About eCommerce Training Live: Combining a passion for education, technology, digital marketing and storytelling, eCommerce Training Live is a platform that reaches as many people as possible who are looking for meaningful guidance, direction and connections. Learn more or enroll today.
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