Burdge Law Office Co LPA

Burdge Law Office Co LPA

Lawyers working to protect consumers since 1978.

The Burdge Law Firm helps consumers understand Lemon Law and Salvage Car Law. If you bought a used car without knowing that it had been wrecked and repaired, we can probably help you.

Headquartered in Ohio, we are part of a nationwide network of attorneys working to protect victims of the unfair and deceptive practices that some car dealers and insurance companies use to take advantage of consumers. No matter where you are, no matter where you bought your salvaged car or truck, our national network of Consumer Protection attorneys can probably help you. All cases handled through our office are handled on a Contingency Fee plan --- that means you don't pay any attorney fees to us until something is recovered for you. And we don't get paid at all unless you get a recovery.

We are experienced Consumer Law lawyers, and we have attorneys and staff who devote themselves to dealing with specific issues related to salvage vehicles, lemon cars, lemon trucks, lemon RVs, lemon boats - even lemon airplanes! We primarily represent clients in Ohio, but give our assistance nationwide in consulting with and referring to other attorneys.

Our law practice group is led by our founder Ron Burdge. A Board Certified Consumer Law Attorney, Mr. Burdge is a frequent speaker at national seminars and conferences on numerous consumer law issues. Under his guidance and direction, our law practice stays current on all issues in this ever-changing field. We utilize the latest legal research tools, computer programs, and electronic equipment to monitor the constant changes in the law and the status of our cases.

But our firm is more than just tools and research; it is also our commitment to our clients and helping them in the area of Salvage Title Law, Lemon Law and Consumer Law. We fight for your rights. If you were ripped off by a car dealer, or if you have a lemon vehicle, you may be entitled to either your money back or a new replacement auto at no cost. Additionally, the dealer or manufacturer may be required to pay your attorney fees.

Our dedication to this area of the law springs from a desire to use our legal skills, experience, and compassion in a way that most effectively helps our clients. Mistreatment by an automobile dealership or insurance comapny can be emotionally charged and financially devastating, particularly when they involve an investment of $15,000 - $50,000 or more. It is our experience that taking an aggressive, yet dignified, stance to these matters produces the best results for our clients. We will take the time to explain the legal process to you and listen to your concerns.

State Salvage Title Laws and Consumer Protection Laws can seem confusing. We can explain your legal rights and provide help to protect you and your family from being taken advantage of by car dealers, repair shops, and insurance companies who violate the law. We pride ourselves on being a law firm that gets results. To achieve these results, we provide skilled, goal-oriented, and personal guidance. Simply put, we assist our clients in bringing closure to an expensive and frustrating problem, with the assurance that they have received the highest quality legal representation.

Call us Toll Free at 1-888-331-6422 or email us for a Free Wrecked Car or Salvage Vehicle Case Review. Let us help you get rid of your car!


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