is an online news service, providing provocative editorial coverage in selected sectors. Our editorial staff concentrates on the macro economic outlook impacting the world’s investors. Our regular readers include financial institutions, money managers, industry insiders and the ordinary investor who wants an edge in better understanding the bigger picture.

Over the past three years, has devoted coverage to broad subjects such as uranium and the nuclear fuel cycle, the possible impact of alternative fuel sources on China’s dramatic economic growth, emerging cancer and infectious disease treatments, and alternative pain relief solutions. We frequently interview the executives and scientific or technical experts within one or more companies when covering their developments. Often, we interview related industry experts for a balanced opinion on developments within a sector.

Our goal is to provide readers with a greater understanding of the sector beyond the scope of simply profiling a company and suggesting why we like it or do not. also explores developing stories in the micro-cap and small cap sectors which may later become newsworthy. We endeavor to stay ahead of the news curve of traditional journalism.

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