U.S. Uranium Trade Group Forecasts Future Domestic Production Growing to 20 Million Pounds

Jon Indall, Executive Director of Uranium Producers of America, told StockInterview.com that U.S. uranium production could annually reach 20 million pounds in five to six years. - July 07, 2006

StockInterview: State Senator Says Canadian, Not U.S., Uranium to Supply New Mexico Enrichment Facility

New Mexico State Senator Carroll H. Leavell told StockInterview.com that the uranium to be enriched at the proposed LES/Urenco uranium enrichment facility will be coming from Saskatchewan, not New Mexico, Wyoming or Texas. These states now produce most of the uranium mined in the United States. - July 06, 2006

New Mexico Town Prepares to Embrace the Return of Uranium Mining

StockInterview.com completed its three-part series on New Mexico’s Nuclear Renaissance, discovering that officials in Grants, New Mexico and Cibola County may be eager to have uranium miners returning to its community. - June 30, 2006

New Mexico Politicians Want a Nuclear Power Plant

StockInterview.com continues its 3-part series on the Nuclear Renaissance in New Mexico with interviews of New Mexico State Senators and Representatives. - June 28, 2006

Publisher Celebrates Highest Ever Alexa Rating with Free Book Giveaway

StockInterview.com is giving away 1,000 print copies of its soon-to-be published “Investing in the Great Uranium Bull Market,” to all new visitors to its internet news website. - June 21, 2006

Cohen Research Report Bullish on Pacific Asia China Energy

Cohen Independent Research Group issued a Buy recommendation on the shares of Pacific Asia China Energy (TSX: PCE), calling those shares “grossly undervalued.” Under the research firm’s most pessimistic long-term pricing, it set a fair market target of C$1.96/share. - June 21, 2006

Public & Peer Review of StockInterview’s New Uranium Guide for Investors

Many investors have been scrambling to capitalize upon the Great Uranium Bull Market. StockInterview.com’s latest publication, Investing in the Great Uranium Bull Market: A Practical Investor’s Guide to Uranium Stock, is now available for public and peer review. Investors can review, at no charge, the first eight chapters of this new electronic book. - June 20, 2006

StockInterview’s 7-Point Ratings System for Uranium Companies

Many investors invested in the Great Uranium Bull Market with little rationale behind their speculation. StockInterview.com has created a 7-point ratings system to help investors determine which companies might be best suited for their degree of investment risk. - June 16, 2006

Nine Tips to Survive the Market Shakeout

Investors who bought during the top of the frothy commodities rally are now panicking or kicking themselves. Neither activity helps an investor or trader think straight. StockInterview offers 9 tips in dealing with the current market shakeout. - June 15, 2006

Tight Supplies, Weather and Russia Point to Higher Uranium Prices This Summer

According to TradeTech LLC, U.S. utilities are looking at tight supplies. Russia’s Rosatom head threatens American utilities with no HEU-2. Combine those with an active hurricane season and we may see higher uranium prices before summer’s end. - June 14, 2006

Could Stimulating Both T and B Cell Responses Help Create a New Class of Flexible Vaccines?

The Canadian scientist who played a pivotal role in the development of lamivudine for the treatment of hepatitis B virus is now pursuing how to make the antiviral drug more effective. His company’s new Chimigen™ platform, which he believes could help overcome the antiviral drug’s shortfalls, might open the door for treating other infectious diseases, and possibly cancer. - May 31, 2006

Earth’s Population to Drop by 80 Percent, Says Top U.K. Scientist

Many view Dr. Lovelock as the father figure of the contemporary environmental movement. StockInterview talked with Lovelock about his latest book, today’s environmental movement, nuclear energy and uranium mining. - May 25, 2006

StockInterview: Dymaxion Drilling Technology Promises Drop in Gas Extraction Costs

Managing Director of Mitchell Drilling in Australia reports CBM gas extraction costs could drop as low as $1.10/mcf through a revolutionary combination of horizontal and vertical drilling system called Dymaxion. Operations have now expanded beyond Australia into India, China and Kansas. - May 23, 2006

StockInterview: UXC President Questions Kazakhstan Uranium Production Timetable

In the second part of a two-part interview, UXC President Jeff Combs warned foreign demand might jeopardize the uranium supply for U.S. utilities. He also questioned the hype over Kazakhstan’s uranium production time table. Combs told StockInterview.com who the players would be and where they would get their uranium. - May 05, 2006

Roulston Favors Canada, Alaska, China for New Mining Investment Opportunities

Highly regarded mining newsletter writer Lawrence Roulston’s favorite geography for new and profitable investment opportunities include Canada, Alaska and China. His favorite stocks in those areas include NovaGold (TSX: NG), Northern Dynasty (TSX: NDM) and Pacific Asia China Energy (TSX: PCE). - May 04, 2006

UxC President Tells StockInterview: US Utilities Should Support Domestic Uranium Production

In the face of Asian competition and possible supply shocks to the uranium market, UxC president Jeff Combs urges U.S. utilities to “support the expansion of production in the United States.” He believes there’s a good chance for $50/pound uranium this year. “Any shock to supply could send prices much, much higher.” - May 03, 2006

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