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Dealer Leads
Dealer Leads : Pioneers in Revolutionizing Automotive Digital Marketing

Dealer Leads is a pioneering automotive technology company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for automotive dealerships to enhance their lead generation, customer engagement, and sales processes. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Dealer Leads has emerged as a leading player in the automotive industry, offering a suite of tools and services designed to empower dealerships in a competitive market.

How Dealer Leads was Founded?

The story behind the foundation of Dealer Leads is a testament to the remarkable vision and extensive industry experience of its founder, Steve Tackett. With a career spanning three decades in the automotive sector, Tackett's journey is one of innovation, adaptation, and a deep-rooted passion for both automobiles and technology.
With a formidable background in the automotive industry, Steve Tackett's journey began more than 30 years ago. His experience, garnered from years of working closely with vehicles, dealerships, and industry trends, provided a solid foundation for his entrepreneurial aspirations.

In 1994, Tackett's groundbreaking move marked the genesis of his entrepreneurial spirit. He launched "CarWeek," a pioneering automotive magazine that quickly gained recognition for its insightful coverage, industry analysis, and keen understanding of the automotive landscape. This publication proved to be a milestone, setting the stage for Tackett's foray into the digital realm.
Recognizing the digital wave's potential, Steve Tackett launched the online counterpart of CarWeek in 1997. swiftly became a digital hub for automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Tackett's foresight into the significance of digital platforms in shaping the industry's future was a sign of his commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

The development of Dealer Leads took time; it was a planned and painstaking process. Its introduction in 2015 With the Product ARES (Automotive Resource Essential Standardization) was the result of more than five years of careful preparation of committed work. Steve's vision for the future of digital marketing in the automobile industry was realized in this software solution, which went beyond being merely a product

The Vision for The Next Generation with 360° Product line up:

1. (An Automotive Search engine)
2. ( Car Dealerships Business listing )
3. ARES (Automotive Resource Essential Standardization)
4. BuildMyPrice ( Custom Car Configurator tool)
5. Blog & Research
6. ( Car Classified )

The inception of Dealer Leads was more than a technological endeavor; it was a visionary pursuit to reshape the landscape of automotive marketing. Steve Tackett's vision for the next generation of digital marketing platforms was the driving force behind the company's inception, sparking a journey that would redefine how dealerships connect with their audience.

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