Crystal D

Crystal D is a supplier of awards and recognition products to the promotional products industry. We believe that every recognition experience is an opportunity to honor individual achievements on a personal level. Therefore, we are committed to creating awards that symbolize achievement and make an impact on the recipient.

We design our awards to make a lasting impact on the recipient and for that reason are considered the Home of “The WOW Effect.”™

Core Purpose
At Crystal D we exist to turn emotions into memories. Our work is done with the intent to turn the emotion of a recognition experience into a memory for the recipient. We do this by creating awards that embody the recognition experience as felt by the recipient.

Core Values
Crystal D operates within the context of the following five core values:

* Integrity - We do what we say we will do
* Quality - We have unyielding persistence to improve
* Respect - We treat people the way we want to be treated
* Commitment - We are dedicated to the ongoing viability of the company
* Passion - We have the burning desire to achieve in all we do

These five values can be observed daily through the interaction between employees and customers.

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