Nayab Pest Control Service

Nayab Pest Control Service

Nayab Pest Control Services is providing pest control services for the last 17 years in all the major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan. Our clients include Government and Private Sector Organizations such as:

Armed Forces Messes and buildings
Local and Foreign Banks
Multi-storied Buildings
Private Offices
Schools & Colleges

Apart from other fields we specially deal in domestic pest control operations like fumigation, and termite proofing. We have the latest equipment and skilled staff including Entomologists (scientists dealing with insects), plant protection experts, horticulturists and civil engineers. We import chemicals from sources in Europe, Japan and USA. These chemicals are of special nature and formulations, which are registered for use in houses and public places by W.H.O.

We use Peptaclor-TC (USA) for termite control, which is compatible with products, like Biflex, Termicide, Chloropyriphos. It has long residual efficacy as compared to other such products. For fumigation we use Pyrethroid group like Tralamethrine and Gamma Resmethrine (Garsal (UK)). These chemicals kill the insects by acting on their epithelial as well as epidermal tissue; and also kill insects when they swallow it (stomach poison). The chemicals we use are:

Odourless: have no pungent smell.
Colourless: leave no stain on walls and furniture.
Non-Irritant: create no irritation on skin, eyes, lips etc.
Highly effective: having a high knock down effects on all insects.
Friendly: both for environment and human beings.
Non-persistent: decomposes immediately on spraying

Power Jet Fogger
Smoke Fogger USA
Thermal Fogger
ULV Sprayer
Solo Spray Machines
Full Face Mask
Oxygen Cylinder, Breathing Unit
Dragger Safety Tubes
Bendfont Meter
Acuora Dragger Pump
Drill Machines
Dragger Monitoring Tubes
SCBA (Self contained breathing apparatus)

We offer best services to our valued clients at best possible rates which might seem slightly higher than others who use regular agricultural insecticides that may result in hazards.

In recognition of the long standing merits in the field of Professional Pest Control and Management, NAYAB Pest Control Services has easily been admitted and recognized by leading professional societies affiliated with Pest Control including membership of the National Pest Management Association, U.S.A.

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