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British Motor Racing Safety Fund

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British Motor Racing Safety Fund

Company Overview


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Company Description
The British Motor Racing Safety Fund Limited is not a charity for one main reason - commercialism.

Most of the largest charities in the UK are currently making losses of millions of pounds every year through ever diminishing donations – due to a large part to the National Lottery – and some will soon become extinct. There are already significantly fewer charities now than there were 10-15 years ago and the remaining ones survive only because of their secure on-going guarantees/promises from their present donors, but how long will this continue?

We have therefore chosen to steer away from reliance on hand-outs and become a non-profit company. We go out into the streets and make it happen rather than just sit around and wait for money to be handed to us on a plate.

Tobacco advertising in motor racing is steadily being phased out, and funding for sponsorship of major race teams is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. Teams are having to cope with having the goal posts moved and now have to acquire their sponsorship from cash rich companies or through separate commercial enterprises.

In recent years motor sport has become a much more commercial enterprise. As the cars are made to go faster, so the risks have increased. We have also had to move with the times and obtain funding through hard work and commercial gain, sourcing from those who believe in the sport - such as our sponsors who give their trust in us to raise financial awareness and personal backing for the volunteers and professionals of all aspects of motor racing in Britain.

Many motor racing clubs have funds for their needs and stability, but not all. Basically all professional training needs funding and, with this in mind, we hope that the British Motor Racing Safety Fund will soon be recognised as part of the team that can assist in providing the extra financial support needed to increase training programmes for those clubs who are unable to fund this themselves.

The general public and motor sport enthusiasts who enter our web-based and national competitions are not only showing their love of the sport through supporting a genuinely worthwhile cause in assisting motor racing, but they are also given the opportunity to win something back. These people give because that is their way of saying thank you to those who matter.

When you watch a motor race, either live at the circuit or on the TV, do you ever truly notice the officials around the circuit perimeter, in the pit lane, the start-line, the paddock and assembly areas, or the doctors and safety and rescue teams until there is an accident/incident on the circuit?

These marshals, safety crews, rescue crews, medical teams, the highly qualified doctors and all who give their spare time in this way are the unsung heroes of motor racing who help to make British and world motor racing today as safe as it can be.

Did you know that the marshals receive no financial reward whatsoever, they are all unpaid volunteers? Did you know that the rescue/safety teams have to sit in their vehicles all day, ready willing and waiting for a call to attend an incident? Did you also know that the doctors who back up the rescue teams if required, are the same highly qualified people that you see at your hospital and who also have to sit inside their purpose built vehicles waiting to be called? Their expertise is ready at all times to give medical treatment immediately to anyone that needs it and not just to the drivers who unfortunately need their help from time to time.

The British Motor Racing Safety Fund is looking to purchase an all purpose 21st century prepared vehicle for a rescue team which costs in the region of £45,000. It has to be specially prepared and equipped and easy to maintain. It has to be quick to respond to an incident, and be seen clearly in all types of weather. It has to accommodate at least 5 officials and it has to be able to store specialised equipment safely and securely.

Secondly, we are aiming to fund a fully equipped medical emergency vehicle, equipped with race harnesses and roll cage. It will need to accommodate at least 3 medical personnel and transport them quickly and safely to any incident. It needs to have on-board storage for important survival equipment and other medical devices required for any type of incident. This type of vehicle costs up to £40,000.

Thirdly, we want to fund training for race marshals. All marshal training has to be carried out with a highly qualified team of personnel such as fire fighters, rescue, safety and medical teams. Each of the different specialised personnel has to employ precise teamwork when dealing with critical situations. Marshals are the life blood of the racing circuit and if there were not enough marshals at a racing event, the racing would not take place. (MSA/FIA ruling)

Volunteering marshals are therefore extremely important to all aspects of world motor racing and need the respect that they deserve. They really earn their respect on many occasions - ask any of the drivers from any motor racing organisations or indeed, on the circuit.

Marshals stand at their designated posts in all types of weather, ensuring that motor racing continues to operate under the safest possible conditions.
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