www.bumsniffingdogs.com is a fun and wacky website designed to introduce everybody to the Canine Crew, stars of Franimals Pet Greeting Cards, as they emBARK on their new venture...bum sniffing.

In addition to the existing gallery of bum sniffing shots, people are invited to submit their own CLOTHED and CLEAN "bum" shots for free to be included in the gallery.

They can also purchase ad and sponsorship spaces, shop online for Canine Crew/ Bum Sniffing Dogs products, send free e-cards, and solve Bum Sniffing Dogs jigsaw puzzles. There is even a news and search section, so people can find anything and everything of interest to them right from our site!

People wishing to have their own dogs become "Honorary Bum Sniffers" can also purchase custom made certificates.  Custom greeting cards, posters and more are also available, all with 10% donated to Support Dogs, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support dogs for disabled people.


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