Press Kits

  • The Stars in April

    Coming March 27, 2021, The Stars in April, by Peggy Wirgau, based on the true story of teen Titanic survivor and Michgander, Ruth Becker. Kit includes author Q and A, PDF ARC for reviewers, final cover, and original illustration, The Voyage of Ruth Becker, March - April 1912.

  • Childress Ink ~ Ink-a-Dink Marketing Supplement

    Details ways I partner with authors and publishers to create products of excellence, and continue as a marketing and PR firm, with proven results.

  • Works-in-Progress by award-winning author, editor and artist, Childress Ink client, Kelly Anne White

    Three-book proposal:

    Groovy Jesus:
    A "fanzine" for the ultimate rock star, "Jesus Christ," with humorous shorts, original artwork, reproducible posters, activities, and a pop-culture overlook at some key moments in the the life of Jesus-with an overall rock-and-roll vibe and underlying theme of harmony.
    Ages 14+
    Available, in submission, proposal available upon request.

    Loud Hosanna!
    A lift-the-flap picture book with original art by author and collage artist Kelly White, the text of this book is a Hymn in the public domain, and artwork includes collaged windows of classic art available in the public domain
    All Ages
    Ages 2-6
    Proposal available upon request.

    A.N.G.E.L.S.: Middle-grade series, think guardian angels meets Power Puff Girls!
    Available by request
    Ages 9-12
    Proposal available upon request.

  • Works-in-Progress by award-winning author, editor and artist, Childress Ink client, Alyshia Hull

    Award-winning journalist, Instagram influencer, artist, and children's book author, Alyshia Hull's publications appear in dozens of articles and sites, including Rachel Ray magazine.

    Works available by Alyshia Hull include two guided journals for young and new adults, one on goal setting, another on overcoming anxiety, based on her personal experiences overcoming a learning disability and crippling child hood anxiety, which she journaled about for a year, and serves as the inspiration behind these two works and more, including picture books with heart and humor and social emotional learning, Tommy Tim Takes a Test, Cindy Mindy and the Perfectly-Perfect Word, Funk the Skunk and more.

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