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  • New Releases by Berenice G.

    New Releases by Berenice G.

    Involved Records, an Independent Label for electronic dance music is proud to say: "We sign up for two Tracks from Berenice G."

    Berenice G. is a young talented Mexican producer with international format. She start in the music Business as Children and grow up as DJ'ane in diferent Events in Mexico. As young Girl she start mix with the Turntables and play around the Country of Mexico. Today she start create her own music in the Studio from Involved Records and produce in the Style of Progressive House fat Underground Tracks. In the last year Berenice G. play in her own Tour in Mexico in the most importand City's Live Session's with James Lass. In Mexico, Berenice G. is the only women play Live Progressive House. Now she is still working on her first Album in diferent kinds of electronic Music from Progressive House, Deep Progressive and Progressive Trance.

    In the last year she Release Tracks like:

    Echoes - Involved Records (MX), Voodoo Vinyl Records (UK)
    Live is dark - Involved Records (MX)

    and now is out there and brand new in the music Market:

    El ritmo - Involved Records (MX)
    Blue Organic - Involved Records (MX)

    Berenice G. release and publish over Involved Records and other Record Labels at the moment in Europe and Latin America her Tracks. More informations and Fotos about Berenice G. you can find under:

    Involved Records