Involved Records

Involved Records is a Independent Label for electronic Dance music, specialized in House. We are based in Mexico/ Guadalajara. Involved Records whas build up in October 2004. We are the first Independent Label for:

Progressive House - Tribal House - House - Trance

here in Mexico/ Guadalajara. The name whas found for all "Involved" people in the Company, the Management, the Artist's and also our Label DJ's. We Release only high Level music and our Vinyl are strong limited from 400 to 800 Vinyl's worldwide. Involved Records have a lot of great Contact's and we work with other high Quality Company's. Our Management have experience in the music Business over 11 years and work after build up the Company in a lot of Company's in Europe. Involved Records start with few Artist's and DJ's and we like pick up more talented Artist's and DJ's for promote them around the world.

Why a new Record Label? Here in Mexico dont exist a lot of Record Company's for electronic music. For the Artist's here in Mexico it's hard to find a Company wish one will released the Tracks of them. Here in Mexico are a lot of great Artist's and we will pick the best one's, for work with this Artist's together and show the world that here in Mexico are really great Artist's.

Our Artist's and DJ's we promote around the world. For all of them we have Booking Agency's and also we promote them with our Distributor's and in the Internet. Involved Records want the people like and accept the Company and also the Artist's and Label DJ's. When u have further questions about us, feel be free for get in "Contact" with us. For all your questions u will find a special contact person in our Company. Here in Mexico, we will play with our "Club Tour's" in the main City's from Mexico for electronic music. U will find on this site all the information's u need, where we play and also the date's. U like electronic music in the style's "House", join one of our Party's, we promise that will be great.

Involved Records have the main Vision the people like and accept the Company, the Releases and also the Artist's of them. For this we work with the main Company's from the United States and also from Europe. In a short time we want work with all the Distributor's from Mexico and also with a lot of Distributor's around the world. All 3 mount's we bring new Releases on the market and promote them and our Artist's. For this, Involved Records work with high Level Company's from the first time.

In the past, a lot of people have say "electronic music is only a trend". But we dont see the people are right. Electronic Music is the same famous like in the 90's. Here in Mexico the people dont know what happen in the 90's in Europe with electronic music. Today with the Internet, the fans from electronic music know faster about them as in the past. A lot is missing here in Mexico about electronic music. The Radio and Television Stations for example, play only "full commercial" electronic music. But on the main Events, the DJ's play only "uncommercial" electronic music.

Here in Guadalajara for example, a City with near 10 million people, only 800 people know a lot about uncommercial electronic music in the Style "Progressive House". We will bring them more and inform them about uncommercial electronic music. Involved Records know, we have a lot of work in the future, but we will do it and we like the people here in Mexico love and accept our work, the Artist's and the Releases from Involved Records.

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