Top Beverly Hills Dentist Comments on Latest Findings That Highlight a Link Between Gum Disease and Dementia

New Study Finds That Bacteria in the Mouth Can Travel to the Brain - December 07, 2013

Beverly Hills Periodontist Stresses Importance of Routine Periodontal Exams and New Diagnostics

Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluations Allow Dental Professionals to Detect and Prevent More Serious Oral Maladies Which Can Also Affect Overall Health - October 09, 2013

New Study Finds That Fear of the Dentist Can be Passed from Parents to Children, Trusted Beverly Hills Dentist Comments

Adults May Have the Ability to Curb the Anxiety of Their Children by Exhibiting Positive Emotional Reactions - September 08, 2013

Periodontist Comments on How Regular Tooth Scaling May Lessen the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Recent Study Suggests That Long Term Health is Closely Associated with Oral Health - February 03, 2013

Beverly Hills Periodontist Comments on New Study That Examines New Ways to Disinfect Dentures

Researchers Have Found That the Microwave is an Effective Way to Decontaminate Dentures in Both the Short and Long Term - July 25, 2012

Los Angeles Dentist Discusses Survey that Finds People Who Smoke Have More Dental Complications

Smokers in the United States are Two Times More Likely to Have Dental Problems than those Who Don’t. - July 02, 2012

Periodontist Discusses Study Linking Osteoporosis Drug Complications to Patients with Certain Genes

Research Links the Development of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ) to Individuals on Bisphosphonates who also have a Specific Genetic Variation. - June 27, 2012

Beverly Hills Periodontist Highlights New Study That Finds Black Raspberries May Help Ward Off Oral Cancer

Antioxidants Found n Black Raspberries Have Been Shown to Suppress the Growth of Cancerous Cells - June 14, 2012

Top Beverly Hills Periodontist Discusses Revolutionary New Techniques to Diagnose Diabetes During a Routine Dental Exam

New Technolgies in the Dental Field Have Now Made It Possible for Patients to be Tested for Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes During a Dental Exam to Help Treat and Battle the Condition as Early as Possible - February 16, 2012

Treatment for Dark Gums Now Accomplished in Less Than One Hour

Good news for men and women with dark gums: a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist has developed a gum bleaching technique that takes less than an hour. Even better, the results are long-lasting. - December 11, 2010

Dr. Alex Farnoosh Recognized by U.S. Commerce Association as 2010 Best Dentist Office of Beverly Hills

Esteemed periodontist and cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh has been recognized by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) for the 2010 “Best of Local Business” Award in the Dentists’ Office category. - October 28, 2010

Beverly Hills Periodontist Discusses Innovation in Bone Regeneration and Grafting for Dental Implants

Dr. Alex Farnoosh on Forefront of Bone Grafting Technology for Reliable Bone Regeneration and Bone Grafting in Periodontal and Implant Surgery. - September 09, 2010

Beverly Hills Gum Specialist Dr. Alex Farnoosh: Surprising New Link Between Tooth Loss and Cognitive Decline

Routine Periodontal & Dental Care by Dr. Farnoosh Can Help Keep Teeth and Cognition Intact - July 07, 2010

Beverly Hills Periodontist Dr. Alex Farnoosh: Discusses New Link Between Gum Disease and Stillbirth

Routine Gum Care Can Help Prevent Oral Infections from Complicating Fetal Health. - May 08, 2010

Revolutionary Gum Bleaching Technique Developed by Beverly Hills Dentist Featured on CBS’s the Doctors

Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh invented a safe and permanent treatment for dark and discolored gums. - April 27, 2010

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh Named ‘Top Dentist’ Third Year in a Row

The Annual Consumers’ Research Council of America Announces List of Top Dentists in U.S. - April 09, 2010

Safe and Effective Gum Lightening Method Developed by Top Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh

Beverly Hills Periodontist Finds Proprietary Solution For Discolored Gums Better Than Laser Methods. - January 23, 2010

Beverly Hills Dentist Announces Breakthrough Cosmetic Dental Procedure to Correct Patients Gummy Smiles

Method Also Enhances the Upper Lip, Making It Appear Fuller Without Using Any Filler Material or Additional Surgical Procedures - December 17, 2009

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