Kipling's Invites You to Get to Know Norval D. Meredith

Kipling’s Who’s Who is proud to recognize Norval D. Meredith, Pharmacist of Ballinger, Texas. As Pharmacist in charge, he receives prescriptions and is responsible for the delivery of medications to patients. Norval is also a capable hospital consultant pharmacist. However, Norval is... - March 11, 2010

Kipling’s Who’s Who Would Like to Recognize Dr. QuocAnh Thuong Nguyen for Outstanding Work in the Area of Family Practice and Primary Care

Kipling’s Who’s Who would like to recognize Dr. QuocAnh Thuong Nguyen for outstanding work in the area of Family practice and primary care. Dr. Nguyen has been with the Olympia Family Medicine Capital Medical Center for the past two years and is striving for continued success there in... - March 04, 2010

Kipling’s Who’s Who Recognizes Eloise A. Holden for Her Many Works

Eloise A. Holden, from Tacoma, WA is being noticed and recognized by Kipling’s Who’s Who for her work as owner of Triple E. Enterprises. They also recognize her ongoing efforts in trying to set up a nature conservation and build a 50 mile hiking for bird watching and nature walks on 80... - February 26, 2010

Kipling’s Who’s Who Recognizes Wesley Niccolls for His Incredible Business Achievements

Kipling’s Who’s Who today recognized WWII veteran Wesley Niccolls as a business leader. Mr. Niccolls an inventor, World War II veteran and former CEO of Nicktronix, Inc. invented the low-high pitch steam whistle (United States Patent 3916818), and DC brushless motor (US Patent 3210631)... - October 15, 2009

Charles Streaker Sr. Has Been Named a Business Leader by Kipling’s Who’s Who

Charles Streaker Sr. has been recognized as a business leader by Kipling’s Who’s Who. Mr. Streaker has over 25 years of experience in the Agricultural field, having worked for the Maryland State Health Department and running a successful farm. Mr. Streaker is currently working for Cedar... - October 14, 2009

Wanda P. Currin Recognized as a Leading Business Professional

Wanda Pope Currin has been recognized by Kipling’s Who’s Who as a leading professional in the art industry. An entrepreneur and art professional Wanda Pope Currin, has been involed with the art industry since 1984. Mrs. Currin currently owns, runs, and produces art at Currin’s Art... - October 12, 2009

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