Alexander Aviation Announces a New Insurance Program for Cessna Owners and Affiliates

Alexander Aviation is announcing a re-launch of the Insurance Program for Cessna Owners and Affiliates (IPCOA.) The new changes are anticipated to improve both coverage and affordability for Cessna Affiliates. - June 24, 2010

Alexander Aviation Announces New Web Site

Alexander Aviation Associates announces the completion of their new web site, Developed specifically with fast and simple navigation as a primary goal, the site focuses on U.S. aviation insurance, including recent industry changes that affect private pilots and aviation professionals - January 15, 2008

Alexander Aviation Coordinates Insurance Solution for Diamond Aircraft's First "Brilliance" Center

Alexander Aviation has successfully brokered an outstanding insurance solution for Europe-American Aviation, Diamond Aircraft Company's first "Diamond Brilliance" flight training center. - July 15, 2006

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