New Metalworking Equipment Auction and Marketplace

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, a division of IndustrialSAVER has launched a new marketplace and auction for companies looking to buy or sell metal fabrication machinery and equipment. - March 07, 2008

New Directory of Tanks and Containers Enters Marketplace

The B2B trade portal, Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, a Donald LaBelle Associates company, has launched a new directory and buying guide focusing on storage equipment such as tanks, containers and vessels. - January 11, 2008

New Industrial Safety and Personal Protection Equipment Directory

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, an on-line Asian and Middle East trade portal, publishes a specialized directory of industrial safety products designed to help keep manufacturing facilities and personnel safe from accidents and in emergency situations. - December 05, 2007

New Plastic Injection Molding Products Directory

An online industrial supply marketplace, an international portal for engineers, launches a specialized directory of plastic, glass and rubber molding manufacturers. - November 16, 2006

Worldwide Industrial Launches Metals Directory and Marketplace

New metals directory and buying guide published to help industrial buyers locate manufacturers of steel products, alloys and other metals in the global marketplace. - November 02, 2006

New Measuring and Testing Equipment Buying Guide

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace, an international industrial supply directory introduces a new buying guide for companies looking for manufacturers and distributors of testing and measuring equipment. - October 26, 2006

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Launches New Material Handling Equipment Directory

The international industrial marketplace for engineers and other technical buyers publishes a new directory to help companies source worldwide for material handing equipment and related supplies. - October 19, 2006

New Industrial Magnets and Magnetic Equipment Directory Swells to Thousands of Offerings

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace introduces a new specialized directory designed to help industrial buyers locate a broad range of standard and custom made magnets and magnetic products for industrial, construction and manufacturing applications. - October 14, 2006

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Offers New Machinery Buying Guide and Directory

An international industrial supply portal introduces an online industrial machinery and parts directory designed to help engineers and manufacturers locate new and pre-owned machines and equipment worldwide. - October 05, 2006

New International Machine Tools Directory and Buying Guide Available Online

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace launches new Machine Tools Directory to help companies locate manufacturers and distributors of machine parts, tools and equipment worldwide. - September 21, 2006

Thousands of Offerings to Sell Lubricants Added to Worldwide Industrial Marketplace

New Directory of Lubricants and Petroleum products helps industrial and technical buyers locate manufacturers and distributors of lubricants worldwide. - September 14, 2006

New Directory of Lasers for Industrial and Technical Companies

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace launches a new laser directory and buying guide designed to help engineers and technical buyers locate manufacturers and distributors of lasers and accessories. - September 08, 2006

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Launches New Directory of Labeling and Marketing Equipment

A new international online directory of labeling equipment manufacturers and suppliers helps commercial and industrial buyers source in real time for labeling machines, marking devices and related equipment. - September 01, 2006

New Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment Directory from Worldwide Industrial Marketplace

New directory helps engineers and other industrial buyers locate international manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, equipment, supplies and accessories in over 54 countries. - August 24, 2006

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Introduces the New and Improved HVAC Equipment Directory

Thousands of international manufacturers and suppliers of HVAC equipment and accessories added to the Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Web site. - August 04, 2006

International Manufacturers Of Hose and Tubing Products Added to Worldwide Industrial Marketplace

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace increases offerings of Hose, Tube and Tubing products to its Online Directory and Industrial Buying Guide - July 27, 2006

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace Adds New Heat Processing Equipment Offerings to Its Buying Guide

Heat processing equipment, systems and accessories for industrial applications are now available on the Worldwide Industrial Marketplace. - July 21, 2006

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