TAG Oil Appoints New CEO to Lead Next Phase of Corporate Growth

International oil and gas operator TAG Oil Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Toby Pierce as Chief Executive Officer and a Director of TAG Oil, effective immediately. - June 03, 2015

TAG Oil’s Founder and Chairman Alex Guidi Named Interim CEO

TAG Oil Ltd., (TSX: TAO and OTCQX: TAOIF) is pleased to announce that Mr. Alex Guidi – the Company’s Chairman and founder – has been appointed interim Chief Executive Officer. - March 11, 2015

TAG Oil Increases Exploration Interests in Taranaki Basin

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX: TAO) and (OTCQX: TAOIF), announces that New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals has awarded the Company 100% interest in two new onshore Taranaki Basin permits: Petroleum Exploration Permit 57065 (“Sidewinder North”) and Petroleum Exploration Permit 57063... - December 12, 2014

TAG Receives Consent to Drill Exploration Well on Waitangi Hill, Targeting Fractured Source Rocks

The Gisborne District Council has granted TAG Oil (TSX: TAO) and (OTCQX: TAOIF) consent to drill the Waitangi Valley-1 well, located in Petroleum Exploration Permit 38348 in the East Coast Basin, New Zealand. - May 06, 2014

TAG Oil’s Taranaki Basin Success Paves the Way for Future Growth in New Zealand

With all production facilities (100% owned and operated by TAG) now in place, the Company is able to rapidly commercialize any new discoveries and leverage its strong Taranaki-region operational position. This includes maximizing TAG Oil’s position as a completely independent processor, transporter, and marketer of the oil and gas the Company discovers, extracts and produces. - May 29, 2013

TAG to Transfer Stake in New Zealand Power Generator to Coronado Resources

TAG Oil Ltd. reports that it has agreed to sell its 90% stake in Opunake Hydro Limited, an established electricity generator and supplier in New Zealand, to Coronado Resources Ltd. in exchange for common shares of Coronado. Upon completion of the transaction, TAG will hold 38,990,410 common shares of Coronado, or 49.18%. - May 24, 2013

TAG Oil's Ngapaeruru-1 Well Intersects Oil and Gas Shows in Source Rock

Ngapaeruru-1 exploration well has reached a total depth of 1417 meters after successfully drilling through the Waipawa and Whangai source rock formations. Excellent mud gas shows — which indicate the presence of gas zones or soluble gas in oil — were recorded and preliminary gas ratio analysis interprets a predominantly wet gas / oil signature. All data has now been forwarded to independent laboratories for expert analysis. - May 22, 2013

TAG Oil Reports Ngapaeruru-1 Exploration Well Progress in New Zealand's East Coast Basin

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX: TAO) and (OTCQX: TAOIF), is pleased to report that TAG's 100%-controlled Ngapaeruru-1 exploration well is drilling ahead, and has encountered elevated mud gas readings at a depth of 800 to 977 meters. - May 09, 2013

TAG Oil Targets Unconventional Discoveries with First Oil and Gas Exploration Well in New Zealand's East Coast Basin

TAG Oil announces that drilling of the Ngapaeruru-1 exploration well in New Zealand's East Coast Basin is now underway, targeting high-quality Waipawa Black Shale and Whangai source rock formations. - April 24, 2013

TAG Oil's Cheal Infrastructure Expansion Complete, Paving Way for Continued Oil & Gas Production Growth in Taranaki

TAG Oil's Cheal infrastructure expansion project in the Taranaki region of New Zealand has been completed, the Company now has the capacity to fully commercialize the successes (past and future) of its onshore Taranaki Basin assets. - April 06, 2013

TAG Oil Announces Continued Exploration Success with Two New Sidewinder Wells; Senior Executive Randy Toone Appointed

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX: TAO, OTCQX: TAOIF) reports continued exploration success in the 100% owned Sidewinder oil and gas field. Also, Randy Toone joins TAG in New Zealand. - March 21, 2013

TAG Oil Provides Third Quarter Results; Conference Call to Discuss Third-Quarter Results and Operations Update

TAG Oil has filed its third quarter December 31, 2012, condensed consolidated unaudited interim financial statements and management discussion and analysis with the Canadian Securities Administrators. A telephone conference call to discuss Q3 results and operations has been announced, details within. - February 16, 2013

TAG Oil and Apache Corporation Conclude East Coast Basin Farmout Agreement

TAG Oil announced today that the Company’s 100% owned New Zealand subsidiaries have concluded an agreement with Apache New Zealand Corporation LDC, which results in an early termination of the Farmout Agreement dated September 1, 2011. - February 02, 2013

TAG Awarded Taranaki Exploration Acreage & Provides a Production and Operations Update

New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals has awarded TAG Oil Ltd. four onshore exploration blocks offered in New Zealand’s 2012 Block Offer. The permits awarded have been assigned the Petroleum Exploration Permit (PEP) numbers 54873, 54876, 54877, 54879 and are all located in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. - December 14, 2012

TAG Oil Provides Second Quarter Results

TAG Oil achieves 62% increase in production revenue. New infrastructure build on track plus four new wells drilled with excellent results. - November 20, 2012

TAG Oil Reports 102% Increase in Production Revenue, Strong Balance Sheet, and Provides Operations Update

TAG Oil's 1Q2013 interim financial statements have been filed and indicate increases in production revenue and operating cash flow. For additional information please visit TAG Oil's website athttp://www.tagoil.com/. - August 16, 2012

TAG Oil Reports 300% Increase in Reserves, 227% Increase in Production Revenue & Strong Year End Financial Results

TAG Oil has filed its March 31, 2012 consolidated, audited financial statements, management discussion and analysis and annual information form with the Canadian Securities Administrators for the Company's 2012 fiscal year-end. - July 07, 2012

TAG Oil’s Taranaki Basin Operations Continue to Deliver Excellent Results

TAG Oil Ltd. is pleased to provide a Taranaki Basin drilling and operations update. Current daily production is approximately 2,600 to 2,800 BOE per day, split approximately 57% oil to 43% gas. - June 28, 2012

TAG Acquires Two-Million Exploration Acres in the East Coast Basin and Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

TAG Oil Ltd. has entered into an agreement with Rawson Taranaki Limited and Zeanco (NZ) Ltd. to acquire three New Zealand exploration permits comprising of approximately two-million acres and situated in favourable geological areas offering high-impact exploration opportunities in the East Coast Basin and in the Canterbury Basin. - June 06, 2012

Flow Testing Confirms Urenui Oil Discovery and Additional Oil Play at TAG’s Cheal Field

TAG Oil's Cheal-B6, A9 and A10 wells confirm a commercial oil discovery within the Urenui Formation. Based on these results, Urenui will be integrated into TAG's overall development and exploration strategy. - April 04, 2012

TAG Oil Announces an Additional $66 Million Capital Expenditure in New Zealand Targeting Reserve and Significant Production Growth

TAG Oil is initiating a $66 million capital expenditure program within the 100%-controlled Cheal and Sidewinder fields in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. The drilling plan continues to build upon TAG’s highly successful exploration, appraisal and development program at both the Cheal and Sidewinder oil and gas fields. - March 10, 2012

TAG’s Cheal-B7 Well Flows More Than 1,100 Barrels of Oil Per Day

With the Cheal-B7 well, TAG is currently producing more than 4,000 BOE’s per day with light oil contributing approximately 70% to that daily production figure. - March 07, 2012

TAG Oil Files Q3 Fiscal 2012 Financials and Reports Significant Increase in Revenue and Cash Flow

TAG Oil Ltd. has filed its December 31, 2011 condensed consolidated unaudited financial statements and management discussion and analysis with the Canadian Securities Administrators for fiscal 3Q2012. - February 17, 2012

TAG’s Cheal-C1, Cheal-C2 and Cheal-A8 Flow Testing Confirm Significant Oil and Gas Discoveries

TAG Oil Ltd. reports that Cheal-C1, Cheal-C2 and Cheal-A8 wells have been flow tested. Of particular significance is the result from Cheal-C2, which flow tested 14 million cubic feet of gas per day. - December 09, 2011

TAG Oil’s Cheal-B5 Discovery Well Flow Tests 1,700 Barrels of Light Oil Per Day

TAG Oil Ltd. is pleased to report the most extensive pay interval ever recorded by a Cheal oil well. The Cheal-B5 discovery well is naturally flowing at an average rate of 1,870 barrels of oil equivalent per day. - December 07, 2011

TAG Enters Into Farmout Agreement with Apache Corporation on New Zealand Acreage in the East Coast Basin

TAG Oil has entered into a farmout agreement with Apache Corporation to explore and potentially develop oil and natural gas resources in TAG’s New Zealand East Coast Basin exploration permits. - September 02, 2011

TAG Confirms New Oil and Gas Discoveries in Taranaki Basin Exploration Wells

Strong test results confirm new oil and gas discoveries in the Sidewinder-2 well and the Cheal-C1 well, both located in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. The Sidewinder oil and gas discoveries are located in TAG Oil's Petroleum Exploration Permit 38748. The Cheal oil and gas discoveries are located in TAG Oil's Petroleum Mining Permit 38156. - August 16, 2011

TAG Oil Reports 100% Increase in Production Revenue & Strong Year-End Financial Results

TAG Oil releases year-end March 31, 2011 operating highlights including a 100% increase in production revenue. - August 04, 2011

TAG Oil’s Sidewinder-2 Discovery Well Flows at 1,467 Barrels of Oil Equivalent Per Day

A 4-Point Isochronal flow test was completed over the main discovery zone in TAG Oil's Sidewinder-2 discovery well, which achieved stabilized flow rates of 8.8 million cubic feet per day (~1467 BOE per day) with less than a 25% drawdown. - June 24, 2011

Strong Flow Test Results for TAG Oil’s Sidewinder-4 Well, Sidewinder-2 Flow Testing Underway

Flow testing on TAG Oil’s Sidewinder-4 well achieved stabilized flow rates of 6.98 million cubic feet of gas per day. Flow testing of Sidewinder-2, the largest net pay of all Sidewinder wells to date, is currently underway. - June 10, 2011

TAG’s Cheal-C1 Well Extends Known Mt. Messenger Oil Saturation Area and Encounters Oil in Deeper Wildcat Target

The Cheal-C1 well was drilled approximately 3.5 km to the northwest of the existing Mt. Messenger producing wells, with results extending the Mt. Messenger oil saturation area over a considerably larger area than previously known. - June 08, 2011

TAG Reports Strong Flow Test at Sidewinder-3 Discovery, and On-Track to Produce First Commercial Oil and Gas from Sidewinder Discoveries

Sidewinder-3 was drilled to a total depth of 2,160 meters (7,085 feet), encountering 15.4 meters (50 feet) of net gas-bearing sandstones. With the four wells drilled to date, the interpreted total hydrocarbon column at Sidewinder exceeds 60 meters (196 feet) in thickness, with no water column evident in any of the Sidewinder wells. - June 06, 2011

TAG Announces Strong Flow Test Result from Multiple Zone Oil Discovery in Cheal-B4ST Exploration Well

"The Cheal-B4ST well represents a significant milestone for the Cheal oil and gas field and opens the door for substantial reserve growth." Garth Johnson, TAG Oil CEO - June 02, 2011

TAG Reports Substantial Year-End Reserve Increase to Its Taranaki Basin Oil and Gas Fields

Due to the timing of operations occurring after March 31, 2011, the Sidewinder reserve assessment was completed with information related only to the Sidewinder-1 well and does not include the now-completed Sidewinder-2, Sidewinder-3 and Sidewinder-4 wells. After considering production during the 2011 fiscal year, the 1,677,000 BOE in proved and probable reserves represents a 221% increase over the March 31, 2010 year-end independent reserve assessment. - May 20, 2011

TAG Oil Announces Fifth Exploration Discovery: Sidewinder-4 Well Strikes Oil and Gas Charged Sandstones

TAG Oil Is pleased to report that the Sidewinder-4 exploration well has been confirmed as a light oil and gas discovery. Along with the three previous Sidewinder discoveries, it is TAG Oil's fifth exploration success in the Taranaki Basin in the past six months. - May 10, 2011

TAG Oil Begins Trading on OTCQX International in the United States

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX-V: TAO) and (OTCQX: TAOIF) is pleased to report the company’s common shares have been called to trade on the premier tier of the OTC market in the United States, the OTCQX International. - April 07, 2011

TAG’s Sidewinder-3 Exploration Well Strikes Light Oil & Gas in Taranaki Basin; the Company’s Fourth New Discovery in Five Months

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX-V: TAO) and (OTCQX: TAOIF) reports that the Sidewinder-3 exploration well is confirmed as a light oil and gas discovery, and will immediately proceed to drill the Sidewinder-4 exploration well. - April 07, 2011

TAG Announces Its Third New Light Oil and Gas Discovery in Five Months, in New Zealand’s Taranaki Basin

TAG’s third new discovery in five months, Sidewinder-2 is a multi-zone, light oil and gas discovery, with high quality, oil-and-gas-bearing sandstones. “We’re very pleased to find such a significant showing from this well,” says Garth Johnson, TAG Oil CEO. - March 15, 2011

TAG Oil Begins Cheal Field Drilling: First of Several Wells Targets Production and Reserve Growth

“Numerous drill-ready prospects have been identified at Cheal, providing us with opportunities for high-impact reserve and production growth. We plan to fully exploit these shallow zones with an objective to build our near term cash flow, as we prepare to pursue the deeper condensate-rich gas formations and TAG’s East Coast Basin fractured oil shale prospects.” -TAG Oil CEO Garth Johnson - February 17, 2011

TAG Oil Announces Cheal Horizontal Well Success and Commercialization of Sidewinder Oil and Gas Discovery

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX-V: TAO) reported that ongoing production testing of the 100%-controlled Cheal-BH-1 horizontal well in the Taranaki Basin of New Zealand continues with positive results. TAG Oil also announced that significant progress is being made towards fast-tracking the commercialization of the Sidewinder-1 oil and gas discovery. - January 07, 2011

TAG Oil Acquires Offshore Exploration Acreage, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

TAG Oil has completed acquisition of interest in a 42,379-acre area in the Taranaki oil and gas discovery fairway which has been identified to have high-impact exploration potential. - December 17, 2010

TAG Oil Reports Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results and Operational Highlights

TAG Oil Ltd., (TSX-V: TAO) a Canadian-listed, New Zealand-focused oil production and exploration company, has filed its second quarter financial report for the period ended September 30, 2010. - December 16, 2010

TAG Oil Announces Strong Results at Sidewinder-1 Flow Test and Updates Taranaki Basin Operations

Sidewinder-1 encountered 14 meters of net (22m gross) oil and gas bearing sandstones. Stabilized flow rates totaling 1461 barrels of oil equivalent (“BOE”) per day were achieved over the 10-day test. - November 04, 2010

TAG Oil Announces New Light Oil Discovery, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX-V: TAO) reports a new oil discovery in New Zealand’s Taranaki Basin with the Sidewinder-1 exploration well, located within TAG’s 100%-controlled, 7,910 acre, Broadside exploration permit PEP 38748. The Sidewinder-1 well was drilled to a total depth of 1,601m, and... - September 30, 2010

TAG Oil Acquires Condensate-Rich Deep Gas Discovery, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

TAG Oil (TSX-V: TAO) Announces Acquisition of Condensate-Rich Deep Gas Discovery, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. TAG plans to recommence development with horizontal-drilling and multi-stage fracturing technologies developed specifically for these types of tight-sand gas reservoirs. - September 17, 2010

TAG Oil Taranaki Basin Operations Update: Exploration Drilling, Development Drilling and Work-Over Programs Commence

TAG Oil Ltd. is beginning the next phase of its Taranaki program, including exploratory and horizontal development drilling. The prime objective is to build TAG’s oil and gas revenue in Taranaki, where the Company has already established high netback oil production from its Cheal Production Facility. Operations are moving forward on the basis of successful pilot testing of downhole recovery technologies and recently completed fracturing programs. - September 08, 2010

TAG Oil Announces Filing of First Quarter Financial Results

TAG Oil reported its first quarter financial results for the period ended June 30, 2010. Copies can be obtained through the Company’s website. - August 31, 2010

TAG Oil Announces Year-End Financial Results and Operating Highlights

TAG Oil Ltd., (TSX-V, trading symbol: “TAO”) a Canadian-based production and exploration company with operations in New Zealand, reported financial results and operating highlights today. TAG reports that it has filed these results along with its Annual Information Form with the... - July 31, 2010

TAG Oil Announces 365% Production Increase at Cheal A7 Well with First Fracture Stimulation in New Zealand Oil Field

TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX-V: TAO) is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully completed its first fracture stimulation at the Cheal oil and gas field since acquiring a 100% interest in the Taranaki Basin new field oil and gas discovery in late 2009. TAG completed a 17-ton artificial fracture... - May 14, 2010

Positive Drill Results Further Validate Tag’s East Coast Basin as Significant Oil Shale Prospect

Positive Drill Results Further Validate Tag’s East Coast Basin as Significant Oil Shale Prospect

New Zealand oil and gas producer and explorer TAG Oil Ltd. (TSX-V: TAO) announced today that the first stratigraphic well in TAG’s initial three-well Waitangi Hill program has been drilled to a total depth of 171m. The results, including “free oil” in core samples, further... - March 31, 2010

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