Consumer Metrics Institute Sees GDP Contracting in Second Quarter

According to the Consumer Metrics Institute, the demand side of the U.S. Consumer Economy has been in contraction since January 15th, 2010. This slowdown should cause the recently reported growth in the production side of the economy to turn negative during the second quarter of 2010. - March 03, 2010

Real-Time 'GDP' Analog Contracts at Over 1% Annualized Rate

The Daily Growth Index published by the Consumer Metrics Institute has recently recorded an annualized contraction rate of 1.24%. This index records trailing 'quarter' consumer demand, and is a demand side proxy for a real-time 'GDP.' - February 16, 2010

The Leading Economic Indexes From Consumer Metrics Institute Tell Remarkably Different Story

The disconnection between forecasts made by some closely watched leading indexes and the eventual results in the real economy has become evident during the recent recession and current recovery. Those disparities become glaring last week. - January 25, 2010

Trailing Quarter Begins Contraction

The daily Consumer Leading Indicators monitored by the Consumer Metrics Institute transitioned from cumulative net economic growth to net contraction over the trailing 91-day 'quarter' ending January 13th, 2010, placing that quarter's performance among the lowest fifth of all quarterly GDP net changes recorded since 1947 by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis. - January 20, 2010

Leading Index Down Sharply

The daily Consumer Leading Index published by the Consumer Metrics Institute turned down sharply during December, reaching levels on December 11th that were down over 10% from daily readings recorded in early November. - December 29, 2009

Consumer Index Drops After Peaking in August

The daily Consumer Leading Indicator published by the Consumer Metrics Institute peaked on August 13th, 2009 with a value indicating year-over-year growth in excess of 10%. Since then the daily index has dropped substantially to levels representing annualized contraction approaching 2%. - December 07, 2009

Consumer Metrics Institute Reinvents 'Leading Economic Indicators' That Truly 'Lead'

The most closely watched set of 'Leading Economic Indicators' are based on mid 20th Century methodologies designed to measure mid 20th Century economies. The Consumer Metrics Institute instead uses 21st Century methodologies capable of coping with the speed of today's dynamic economy. - November 12, 2009

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