Digite Announces Google Wave and Twitter Integration

To further establish Digite's position as a Collaborative Application Development solution, the latest release of its product, Digite Enterprise 6.0 now provides users the option to use workflow, Wiki, discussion forums, Google Wave, Twitter and email in a contextual setting. - April 11, 2010

Digite Announces Partnership with Atteberry & Associates

Digite's Agile ALM suite - with its combination of Process Governance and integrated/ collaborative Software Development Lifecycle management - provides end-to-end visibility throughout the lifecycle and enables real-time capture of all project measures and metrics to give management a reliable and real-time source of information on projects, resources and software delivery status. - April 11, 2010

Digite Announces New On-Demand Agile Solution and Attractive Pricing

Digite announced a new Agile Development solution delivered On-Demand, adding to its existing set of SaaS solutions. The new Agile solution provides full Scaled Agile capability to teams using Agile methods such as Scrum - and enables Scrum/ Sprint based release planning and development. - April 11, 2010

Digite, Inc. Announces the Launch of Digite Enterprise Ver. 6.0

Digite, Inc. announced the launch of Digite Enterprise v6.0 that has significantly strengthened Digité's collaboration features in addition to the ALM functionality. The latest release of the product launches integration with Google Wave and Twitter, while improving Wiki and Email capabilities - March 13, 2010

Digite Announces New Agile ALM SaaS Offering

Digité’s Software-as-a-Service offering provides fully-configured, templatized-solutions of Digité Agile ALM software that provide the complete functional, reporting and collaboration support that application/ software teams need. The initial solutions being launched by Digité include Iterative/ Waterfall Development, Application Maintenance and Support; and Basic Project Management solutions. - January 23, 2010

Digité Empowers Comviva to Take Informed Business Decisions

Comviva completed the implementation and initial roll-out of Digité Enterprise as the enterprise project management solution. With this implementation, Comviva has gone live with 380 users and 22 live programs. This not only ensured greater process compliance but also brought visibility into project performance. - January 17, 2010

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