Meticulous Symbols & Drawings Combine to form THE RUNES Puzzle, an Ancient Puzzle with Few Clues to its Origin and No Instructions on How to Solve

Puzzlers are reeled into solving the 'World's Greatest Puzzle, intrigued as THE RUNES Puzzle gradually reveals an ancient mystery - September 20, 2007

Leading Learning Strategies Website, Smart-kit, Hosts Study Tip Contest to Help Students Learn and Leverage Best Study Practices

Smartkit contest aims to compile new, healthy ways for students to capitalize on study sessions learning more in less time. - February 22, 2007

Smartkit, the Learning Strategies Website, Offers Tips to Help Business Professionals Maintain Mental Acuity During the Day Offers Healthy Advice to Business Professionals to Maintain Energy and Increases Brain Power throughout the Work Day - January 18, 2007

Leading Learning Strategies Website – – Offers Study Tips to Help Improve Test Scores for Students Preparing for Finals

Dedicated to brain and memory improvement, Smartkit and its Student Guidebook, recommend students stay away from all-nighters and deploy more effective study techniques - December 07, 2006

SmartKit Releases Student Guide Book, Provides Study Tips for Students Heading Back to School

Smartkit: Student Guidebook details learning strategies to give students an extra edge by improving memory via study tips - August 03, 2006

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