KTC Capital Group Survey Reveals Investor Anticipation Stays Solid

Investor expectations for the balance of 2012 and well into 2013 stay solid as revealed by a recent survey of investors by KTC Capital Group. - May 16, 2012

KTC Capital Finds Great Success with Oil Hedge Fund

Investors holding positions in the KTC Capital Management Oil Hedge product realized major returns as reports of rising American reserves stemmed a two month rally on oil, keeping barrel prices below US$86. - April 11, 2010

KTC Capital Expects End to British QE Soon

London Based KTC Capital notified its clients today that the Bank of England’s efforts of quantitative easing will likely end within the next few weeks. - January 22, 2010

Falling Dollar, Rising Oil Helps KTC Capital Funds Regain Recession Losses

Weakened after sales of homes fell unexpectedly last month, the fall of the U.S. dollar spurs concerns about the longevity of the economic recovery. After a bigger than forecast drop in inventories, oil surged higher than any other month in 2009, driving KTC Capital’s portfolio of funds back to pre-recession levels. - December 25, 2009

KTC Capital Site Garners Top Sector Prize

The new site of KTC Capital Management, unveiled earlier this year placed first in the respected Green Europe Web Awards in the Financial Services Category. - December 23, 2009

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