Book - Meditation by Spiritual Sound by Vimal Sehgal B.Tech.IIT Delhi Has Been Published on and Kindle Amazon

In this book the author has described the easy practice of meditation by spiritual sound that can help us attain peace, love and bliss. All of us are aware of the importance of sound and its effects on us. The Vedic scriptures state, "The special significance of spiritual sound is that spiritual sound is the real substance itself. The reality is full of love and bliss. We can thus contact reality by meditation by spiritual sound and experience love and bliss." - August 14, 2010

Creation vs. Evolution The Vedic Perspective by Vimal Sehgal B.Tech IIT Delhi Has Been Published on,, and Kindle Amazon

The author discusses evolution and then describes an alternate theory namely the Vedic theory of evolution of consciousness as opposed to Darwin’s theory of evolution of species. The theory of evolution of consciousness is based on creation of various species by God so as to accommodate the varied desires of an infinite number of living beings. - April 14, 2010

Book - The Meaning of Life by Vimal Sehgal B.Tech IIT Delhi has been published on,, Kindle amazon,

Love is divine and Divinity is love personified. The author explains that divine love is the meaning of life and shows the reader how everyone can attain peace, love, immortality and happiness by the easy method of mantra meditation. The book elaborately describes love as the ultimate reality, reincarnation and its significance, immortality and bliss, law of karma, mind and meditation, bhakti yoga and the art of dying. - January 13, 2010

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