Woodtiger Funds Reporting on Women, Health and Environment

Women’s eNews begins a new investigative series on women and the environment today supported by a grant of $15,000 from The Woodtiger Fund. - November 22, 2012

Women's eNews Wins Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism

Women's eNews writer Molly Ginty and editors Corinna Barnard and Rita Henley Jensen have received the Casey Award for Meritorious Journalism in the category of Single Article: Under 200,000 circulation for the report "Infant Formula Companies Milk US Food Program." The report, which was... - June 30, 2012

Leading Women Picked to Present 21 Leaders Awards

Reporters, Soledad O’Brien and Stacey Tisdale and Activist and Playwright, Eve Ensler will act as the roving reporters handing out awards at the Women’s eNews 21 leaders for the 21st Century Gala, 2012 to be held on May 3. - March 30, 2012

Global Connect! Google New York Supports Gender Justice Program for Women of the Diaspora

Women’s eNews and Global Press Institute are launching a one day gender justice and technology training event on Thursday, June 16 with the support of GoogleServe, the volunteer arm of Google, to empower women from the global diaspora living in New York. Google New York volunteers will join... - May 20, 2011

Women’s eNews Opens the Way to Women’s History with NYC Online Tour

Opening the Way is a walking tour celebrating women's history in downtown Manhattan. It is a multifaceted new project developed by the award-winning nonprofit organization Women's eNews. - March 05, 2011

Women's eNews Receives $3,000 Fund for Investigative Journalism Grant for Black Maternal Health

Women’s eNews has received a $3,000 grant from The Board of the Fund for Investigative Journalism to support research into causes of maternal mortality amongst women of color in New York City. - January 29, 2011

Women’s eNews Announces 10th Anniversary Celebration of 21 Leaders for the 21st Century

20 women and one man are honored for their work in improving the lives of women and girls. - January 14, 2011

Women’s eNews Founder Receives Women of Excellence Award

National Association for Female Executive honors Rita Henley Jensen as Social Media Star. - November 13, 2010

Women’s eNews Starts Conversation on Rape at Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Women’s eNews and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) present “Drawing the Line: Sex and Consent - A Conversation about the Language of Rape.” In the U.S., 1 in 6 women report being raped in their lifetime and the rising awareness of untested rape kits in some... - October 21, 2010

Released U.S. Hiker Sarah Shourd Speaks at Women's eNews Luncheon

Women’s eNews has released, with her permission, a video of recently freed U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd talking candidly at a private luncheon held in her honor. Sarah Shourd returned to the U.S. on Sept. 19 after 14 months in an Iranian prison, accused of spying. She spoke candidly about her... - October 08, 2010

Women’s eNews and New York Historical Society Open the Way to Women’s History

A new walking tour celebrates women's history in downtown Manhattan. - September 23, 2010

Women’s eNews' "Memo" Wins Award from National Women’s Political Caucus

NWPC honors Women's eNews' report on the status of women in the U.S. - September 17, 2010

Nancy Pelosi and Rita Henley Jensen Celebrate Women's Equality Day with Words

On August 26th, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Rita Henley Jensen, Women's eNews Editor in Chief, encourage the commemoration of the women who fought for the right to vote 90 years ago. To honor Women's Equality Day Women's eNews will publish a special commentary... - August 26, 2010

Women’s eNews Searches for Young Women in 21 Leaders for the 21st Century Nominations

Women’s eNews has today launched the nomination process for the 10th annual 21 Leaders for the 21st Century. Over a 3-month period Women’s eNews will receive a catalog of the women and men who work hard to improve the lives of women worldwide and it’s important to make sure young... - July 24, 2010

Women’s eNews’ Philadelphia Leadership Awards Celebrate Sisterly Love in PA

Today Women’s eNews, an Internet-based daily news service, announces the 14 women and one man named a Women’s eNews Philadelphia Leader 2010, proving that brotherly love is not the only thing the city has to boast about. Women’s eNews has handpicked these leaders who work to... - July 16, 2010

Women’s eNews Awarded $200,000 Kellogg Grant to Cover Black Maternal Health

Women’s eNews, a daily Internet-based news service, has been awarded a $200,000 grant to continue investigative journalism to increase the understanding of issues related to healthy birth outcomes and infant mortality disparities in African American communities. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation... - May 18, 2010

Women’s Leaders Take to the Stage in New York

Women’s eNews celebrated its ninth annual gala honoring the commitments and achievements 21 people have bettered the lives of women and girls. This year’s honorees spoke of the continuing need for women’s stories to be told through Women’s eNews and other news media. - May 12, 2010

Women’s eNews Gala Honors Those Who Lead the Way for Women

On May 6th Women’s eNews will honor twenty women and one man for the passion they have shown and the results they have earned working to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide. The gala, held at Essex House, Manhattan and emceed by President and CEO of the Paley Media Center Pat Mitchell, continues Women’s eNews’ 7 year tradition of highlighting the work of women who are making a difference in the world and sharing their stories. - May 05, 2010

Pat Mitchell is Master of Ceremonies at Women’s eNews 21 Leaders Gala

Women's eNews announced today that Pat Mitchell, president and CEO of The Paley Media Center and former president and CEO of PBS, will be the master of ceremonies for the Women's eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century gala, May 6 in New York City. Loreen Arbus, president of the Arbus Productions... - April 16, 2010

Women’s eNews Presents 2010 Black Maternal Health Media Conference

You have read the headlines. Now hear the leading expert on the groundbreaking research into the causes of the high maternal and infant mortality rates in the U.S. Women's eNews Black Maternal Health Project, Wednesday April 28th, is now inviting select members of the media to a briefing on the crucial steps needed to be taken to save the lives of our mother and infants. - April 16, 2010

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