GMP Synthesis Chemistry Services Organisation, Onyx Scientific, Announce Increased Demand for Early-Phase Investigational New Drug (IND) Development

Onyx Scientific excel in streamlining GMP synthesis processes. Their compliance standards minimise impurities, reduce costs and significantly improve timelines for phase I and II clinical studies. - March 25, 2011

Custom Synthesis Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific, Hails the Success of Its Solid-State Polymorph Screening Services

Onyx Scientific provides custom synthesis chemistry services throughout all stages of a drug-discovery process for phase l and ll clinical studies. Services include: Process Development, Custom Synthesis, GMP synthesis and Scale-up, in addition to a comprehensive range of Analytical and Solid-State services including automated Salt Selection and Polymorphism studies, with the capability to deliver API scale-up to multi-kilo level and beyond. - December 30, 2010

Solid-State Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific Reports Increased Demand for Polymorph Screening, Salt Selection and Crystallization Studies

Onyx delivers “one partner” convenience with pre-agreed workflows tailored to support key analytical milestones and timescales. - November 12, 2010

GMP Synthesis Chemistry Services CRO, Onyx Scientific, Reports Increased Small Scale Production for Phase I and II Clinical Studies

Onyx Scientific manufacture high value intermediates and APIs to GMP-compliant standards for both phase I and phase II clinical studies. - September 04, 2010

Process Development Chemistry Services Expertise Elevates Onyx Scientific to Position of Preferred GMP Custom Synthesis Provider

Whether developing a new process or improving an existing synthetic route, Onyx Scientific will develop a process that is entirely practical with reduced synthetic steps and costs. - May 29, 2010

Onyx Scientific Grows API GMP Synthesis Contract Chemistry Services

Expert in development stage API production, outsourcing chemistry services organisation Onyx Scientific manufactures high value intermediates and APIs to GMP-compliant standards for both phase I and phase II clinical studies. Their breath of services include: GMP synthesis and scale up, solid-form polymorph investigation, salt selection, custom synthesis, process development and lead optimization. - April 10, 2010

Onyx Scientific Launch Solid-State Polymorph Investigation and Screening Chemistry Services

Onyx Scientifics’ automated, solid-state, polymorph screening platform and specialist expertise provide rapid optimization of the physical polymorphic form of a new compound, its physicochemical properties and bioavailability. - February 06, 2010

CRO, Onyx Scientific, Predicts Pharmaceutical Companies Will Strategically Align with Trusted Outsourcing Partners to Reduce Costs, Risks and Time-to-Market

Onyx Scientific Ltd, provides outsourcing chemistry services to the pharmaceutical industry, such as: custom synthesis, process development, lead optimization, GMP synthesis and scale up, automated salt selection, crystallization studies, polymorphism screening and solid state analysis - February 03, 2010

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