Dalai Lama Given Map Showing an Independent Tibet Before USA Visit

Reigniting the debate on the historical relationship between Tibet and China, the Dalai Lama recently accepted a gift of an antique map from 1869 that clearly defines Tibet and China as separate countries. A joint gift from Emory University and Miklian Antiquarian Maps, the antique map bolsters claims of Tibet as a sovereign nation. - October 19, 2010

Antique City Maps Gaining Ground in the Vintage Map Market

City maps are an emerging segment of the growing collectible antique map market. Once dismissed as an afterthought, vintage maps of today’s largest metropolises are increasingly in demand, according to Jason Miklian at Miklian Antiquarian Maps. - August 12, 2010

Vintage and Collectible Antique Map Market Regaining Strength

The collectible antique map market, briefly stalled by the global economic crisis, is roaring back. Vintage map demand and excitement are rising again for collectors old and new, according to Miklian Antiquarian Maps. - March 17, 2010

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