ElectraTherm Completes 10-Order Shipment to Slovakia

Green Machines to be Installed on District Heating System for Cost Savings, Efficiency Measures. - December 05, 2013

ElectraTherm Exceeds 10 Years of Fleet Runtime

The Green Machine fleet spans the globe with 21 commissioned units, the most widely deployed Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology operating at such low temperatures at this scale. - May 18, 2013

ElectraTherm Commissions Two Green Machines in Czech Republic at a Manufacturing Plant

The machines were commissioned this summer and have a combined fleet runtime total of more than 5,000 hours. - January 04, 2013

ElectraTherm’s ORC Fleet Surpasses 50,000 Hours Runtime

The Green Machine continues to lead the market for low-temperature waste heat to power (WHP) through its robust, proven Organic Rankine Cycle technology to increase efficiency and maximize power output. - December 06, 2012

Department of Energy Awards ElectraTherm Phases II and III of Geothermal Grant

Product Optimized for Geothermal Brine with Increased Power Output and Fully-Containerized Solution - October 03, 2012

ElectraTherm to Present at Leading Energy Conferences

ElectraTherm Executives will Provide Insight on the Growing Waste Heat to Power Industry - September 08, 2012

ElectraTherm Completes Demonstration at University of Alaska

UAF Alaska Center for Energy & Power estimates that one Green Machine can generate more than 413,000 kWh/year with 24/7 daily operation. - July 19, 2012

ElectraTherm’s ORC Fleet Reaches 30,000 Hours Runtime

This is the first Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) machine sized 30-65kWe to achieve this milestone. - June 07, 2012

ElectraTherm Green Machine Installed at Biogas Facility in Trechwitz, Germany

ElectraTherm installed its first Green Machine in Germany at a biogas power generation facility to produce additional electricity without additional fuel or emissions. The site is producing biogas through anaerobic digestion to fire an 800kWe MWM internal combustion engine that generates... - April 06, 2012

ElectraTherm Green Machine Completes 1,000 Hour Demonstration on Oil Field

ElectraTherm has released a comprehensive report on its demonstration project in Laurel, Mississippi to generate renewable energy from hot waste water at an oil field. In 2011, ElectraTherm’s Green Machine completed its six-month demonstration to generate additional power from the hot water... - March 07, 2012

ElectraTherm Increases Power Output Range on Green Machine

ElectraTherm has expanded the power output range of its Series 4000 Green Machine generators by 15kW, now offering customers between 30-65kW of fuel-free, emission-free power from low-grade waste heat. - June 03, 2011

ElectraTherm’s Green Machine on Display at Power Gen International

ElectraTherm, Inc. (www.electratherm.com) announces its heat to power generating system on the expo floor at the Power Gen International Conference in Orlando, Fla., December 14-16, 2010 (Booth number 1140). ElectraTherm’s Green Machine generates a range of power between 30-50 kW from... - December 04, 2010

ElectraTherm Selected to Present at National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Industry Growth Forum

ElectraTherm’s heat-to-power technology can convert many sources of low temperature liquid heat (reciprocating engine waste heat, biomass, process heat, geothermal including oil and gas co-produced fluids, solar thermal, etc.) into power. ElectraTherm’s patented twin screw technology offers a simplified and robust solution as compared to conventional turbine-driven ORCs below 100kW in size. - September 15, 2010

New CEO Joins ElectraTherm from United Technologies Corporation

ElectraTherm announces John Fox has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer. He joins ElectraTherm from United Technologies Corporation’s Pratt & Whitney Power Systems Division, where he was Director and General Manager of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Business. - April 07, 2010

ElectraTherm's Green Machine Unveiled in the Midwest

Heat-to-power generator captures large untapped energy source in the industrial Midwest. - March 19, 2010

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