DSER Comments on US Space Policy

On Monday, the Administration released the National Space Policy for the United States, defining the broad guidelines for the future role of the nation’s space program. This policy incidentally highlights the rationale behind a strategic proposal promoted by DSER, a private strategy group; addressing a missing strategic capability to address on-orbit emergencies that affects sustainability within manned orbital space flight. - July 02, 2010

DSER Comments on Commercializing Human Space Flight

A strategic resource group comments on how the difficulties perceived in transitioning launch responsibilities to the commercial sector safely actually provides a path forward while maintaining government access to orbit. - May 25, 2010

DSER Releases Strategic Analysis Report to the Space Industry

Conventional wisdom among many space policy experts is that sustainability arises from technology development and job creation. But a strategic analysis group suggests that subtle, unaddressed drivers are equally critical; and without including them in policy, the manned space flight industry will... - April 05, 2010

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