C&K Components Develops Harsh Environment Smart Card Connectors with Card Detection Switch

Smart card connectors maximize electrical performance, flexibility and reliability... - December 15, 2011

C&K Components Expands IP-Rated Sealed Switch Product Family with Miniature Snap-Acting Mechanism

Advanced sealed switches combine miniaturization and long-life cycles. - December 10, 2011

C&K Components Extends Operating Life of Miniature IP68-Rated Tactile Switch for Mobile Devices

KMT 0X2 Series features a lifespan of 1 million+ electrical and mechanical cycles. - September 30, 2011

C&K Components Develops Economical Subminiature Snap-Acting Switches

Low-cost TFS Series provides high-performance, reliable snap action mechanism... cycles. - September 28, 2011

Cost-Effective Tactile Switch from C&K Components Combines Rugged Sealing and Long-Operating Life with Low-Profile Design

KSE Series momentary action tactile switch features a simplified design for price-sensitive applications. - August 24, 2011

Sealed, Ultra-Miniature Pushbutton Switch from C&K Components Saves Assembly Time and Money

Miniature size, versatility make FP Series switch ideal for use in telecom, datacom applications… - August 03, 2011

C&K Develops High-Performance, IP67-Sealed SMT Key Switches for Harsh Environment Applications

LED illuminated K12S Series key switches available in double action and detect versions - June 30, 2011

C&K Designs IP68-Sealed, Forward/Neutral/Reverse Rocker Switch for Grip or Panel Mount Applications

IP68-sealed, 3-position rocker switch provides rugged durability for harsh applications… - June 15, 2011

C&K Develops Vertical and Right Angle Illuminated Tactile Switches

ITS Series available in wide range of LED colors to meet customization requirements. - May 27, 2011

C&K Components Expands KMT Series to Include Ultra-Low Profile, Double-Action Switch

Low-profile KMT 6 Series features a lifespan of more than 150,000 electrical & mechanical cycles. - May 26, 2011

C&K Components Develops PCI & PCI-Ready Security Smart Card Connectors for POS Applications

Compact smart card connectors designed for full size ID1 and SIM/SAM ID000 cards… - April 23, 2011

C&K Develops 7-Way Compact Scroll Wheel Switches for Consumer and Navigation Applications

TSW Series scroll switch features multiple integrated functions in a compact, slim package… - March 16, 2011

CoActive Technologies Increases Switch Product Offering with Acquisition of Comax Industrial Co. Ltd

CoActive Technologies expands reach in Asia, broadens switch product portfolio… - March 04, 2011

C&K Offers Low-Profile Housing for Pushbuttons and Emergency Stop Switches

E-Box provides quick and easy assembly for switches in detached or remote locations… - March 04, 2011

C&K Develops Industry’s Only Ultra-Miniature IP68-Rated Tactile Switch

KMT0 Series features a lifespan of more than 300,000 electrical and mechanical cycles… - February 18, 2011

C&K Designs IP68-Sealed, Rugged Pushbutton Switch for Harsh Environments

IP68-sealed, single-pull, double-throw switch provides rugged durability for harsh applications - November 12, 2010

C&K’s Newest Sub-Miniature Slide Switch Provides Momentary Action, Long Life

SPDT momentary action provides immediate response in a small package - November 11, 2010

C&K Smart Card Connectors Designed Into Maxim’s PCI-PTS 3.0-Approved POS Reference Design

Connector ensures POS device meets latest industry requirements… - November 11, 2010

C&K’s New Top-Actuated, Double-Action Tact Switch is Smallest Available

Tact switch ideal for digital camera shutter release. - October 21, 2010

C&K Components Expands Tactile Family with Side-Actuated Ultra-Miniature SMT Switch

C&K Components, a leading international supplier of tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches, and smart card interconnect devices, is expanding its tactile product family with a new series of ultra-miniature, side-actuated tact switches for surface-mount termination. An integrated... - October 13, 2010

C&K Expands Micro-Miniature, Snap-Acting Detect Switch Family with New Termination Options

Vertical and right-angle, PCB-mount, micro-miniature detect switches ideal for medical devices, consumer electronics and ATCA applications… - July 31, 2010

C&K’s New Rocker Switches Offer Illuminated and Two-Tone Versions

Rocker switches ideal for household appliances, instrument panels, industrial controls, and computers and peripherals - July 09, 2010

High Reliability Connectors from C&K Components Shorten Satellite Assembly Integration Time

Fast locking system eliminates need for screws, washers and clips in contact configuration - June 10, 2010

C&K Develops Ultra-Miniature Tactile Switch with Extended Life Cycles, IP Sealing

Tact switch with IP57 rating protects against water and sweat in nomad devices… - June 05, 2010

C&K Develops Low-Profile Rotary DIP Switches with Improved Contrast Marking, Extended Lifespan

DIP switches with laser markings, special contact plating ideal for industrial and home equipment - April 15, 2010

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