A Study of Deals4Downloads.com Reveals That Digital Distribution Giant Steam is Losing Market Shares to Amazon, GameStop and Microsoft

A study conducted by the leading digital deal and price comparison portal Deals4Downloads.com revealed a strong growth of the digital games distribution market of more than 200 percent. While market leader Steam sees substantial growth, it still loses market share to newcomers like Amazon and Microsoft. - June 06, 2011

DigitalPeanuts.com Launches Beta Signup for Daily Deals on Mobile and Other Digital Games

DigitalPeanuts.com has a simple concept. It offers affordable daily deals for mobile and other digital games that come with a minimum saving of 50%. The closed beta signup page is now open for applications. - April 04, 2011

Deals4Downloads.com Helped Gamers Around the World to Save $250,000 While Buying Download Games

During the last 12 months digital shopping search portal Deals4downloads.com helped gamers around the world to save $250,000 while discovering and shopping for digital download games. - February 24, 2011

The Digital Gamer Undressed - First Facts About the Legal Downloader

In its latest analysis, Deals4Downloads.com, the digital deal and price search portal, reveals the first facts about the digital gamer - the people behind the growth of the digital market. - October 07, 2010

Deals4Downloads.com Successfully Reaches First Beta Milestone with 1,000 Listed Deals on Download Games

Deals4Downloads.com lists 1,000 deals for downloadable games and thereby showing both the growing importance of the digital distribution and the need for matchmaking platforms for gamers, developers and shops alike. - May 21, 2010

Deals4Downloads.com Launches Weekend Deal Roundup Service with More Than 30 Deals on Download Games

Deals4Downloads.com today launches its weekly Weekend Deal Roundup service a compilation of the best deals on downloadable games every Friday afternoon. - May 09, 2010

Deals4Downloads.com Starts Beta with More Than 300 Releases and Deals on Digitally Distributed Games

Deals4Downloads.com, the news and deals aggregation portal for digitally distributed games, starts the official Beta with more than 300 available deals and releases of digitally distributed games and helps its visitors to save up to 80%. - April 30, 2010

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