Filmmaker Way-Younge Focused on Fatherhood with Addiction by Subtraction

Atlanta-based Production Company Way-Younge, LLC is producing their next independent feature film “Addiction by Subtraction” in Atlanta, GA this spring to follow their previous film “Anatomy of Love.” The film is a thriller by genre while exhibiting a snappy dialogue... - March 25, 2012

Way-Younge Releases The Anatomy of Love World Premiere

“The Anatomy of Love” Feature Film will premiere in Atlanta, Georgia Thursday July, 29th 2010. - June 30, 2010

Make Way for Way-Younge with the Feature Film: The Anatomy of Love

“The Anatomy of Love” Feature Film has completed principal photography in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding metro area. Cast and Crew successfully completed over 70 scenes in 10 days making the film making process the most efficient to date for the young production company. - June 15, 2010

Way-Younge, LLC Presents New Style Indie Film Making: The Anatomy of Love

“The Anatomy of Love TM” Feature Film starts production in Atlanta, GA this spring. This film is intended for mainstream cinema release and subsequent release in the digital domain. - May 17, 2010

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