Sticviews Announces New Decals & Skins Drop Shipping Solutions

“These new printing APIs will open exciting opportunities for Sticviews as we continue our mission to provide the highest quality custom decals and skins to a new group of customers,” stated Bryce Finnerty, CEO of Sticviews. “These APIs will create new sales channels that empower other businesses to drive new revenue by selling their own custom skins and decals.” - May 30, 2010

Custom Car Decals for Businesses

Unlike custom car wraps, sticviews custom car stickers and graphics can be removed residue-free without difficulty, and they don’t harm paint, windows, chrome or plastic car parts. These car decals even stand up to bad weather conditions both hot and cold, don’t overheat on the hood, and don’t fade for over 3 years in the direct sun. Car stickers are worry-free in car washes, whereas magnetic signs may be knocked or blown off. - May 21, 2010

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