Track Wordpress Stats on the iPhone and iPad with Numerics Dashboard App

Numerics, the on-the-go business dashboard app for the iPhone and iPad today introduces integration with the popular blogging software Wordpress. The new integration enables Wordpress users or self hosted Wordpress sites to quickly look at their visitors, views, monitor top posts and discover top search terms of their site. Along with the Wordpress integration, v1.2 also fixes the integration with the Stripe API and the layout of the Widget Store on iOS8 devices. - October 10, 2014

Cynapse Announces Numerics - Business Dashboards for the iPhone and iPad

Cynapse has released Numerics for the iPhone and iPad, a one-stop dashboard for businesses to visualize their vital statistics and make better decisions. Numerics displays live analytics, engagement metrics, revenue, and more from over 20 services in customizable dashboards, giving professionals an invaluable window into the numbers that matter most. - July 21, 2014

Localscope - Location App Adds YouTube, Dianping and 40 Navigation Apps

Cynapse announces Localscope 4.1, an update to their popular location search and discovery app for iPhone. Localscope serves as the perfect location Browser for your iPhone. Discover and find places, people and information around you using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media sharing services and other apps. Version 4.1 gained YouTube and Dianping as new sources, support for 40 new navigation apps, and more tools to help you find just what you need. - February 10, 2014

Announcing Localscope 4 - Experience Location Browsing Like Never Before

Localscope 4 is set to take exploring places to a whole new level with a revolutionary new interface that lets you see everything immediately around you from 20 diverse sources, in a unified view. Just launch the app to get a quick glance of the most relevant place listings from Google, Facebook, Yelp and others along with tweets, Wikipedia pages, pictures from Instagram, Flickr and more, all from your immediate surroundings. - December 16, 2013

Phlo for iOS and Mac: Type Once, Search Everywhere

Phlo for iOS and Phlo 2.0 for Mac launch. Phlo is your one app for searching everywhere. Type your search once, whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and jump straight to results from any search engine. Your search history and favorite search providers are saved and synced between all your devices. Phlo is the latest app from Cynapse, maker of Localscope, the popular iPhone location browser. What Localscope does for finding local places, Phlo does for finding search results online. - August 26, 2013

Localscope Partners with 6 New Location Services

In its newest version update v3.2, Localscope partners with 6 of the top regional location services including Qype, Baidu, 2GIS, Yellow Pages Australia, Zomato and ParkMe enabling users to find restaurants, local businesses or even parking spaces around them. The new version also introduces integration with 5 more navigation sources to help users get turn-by-turn directions to a location discovered within Localscope. - February 27, 2013

Localscope is Now Free

Localscope, the location browser for the iPhone, is going free with its latest update. V3.1 allows users to search and discover geo tagged information, photo and video content from 5 diverse services for free. More services and integrations are available via the in-app purchase of Localscope Premium. - January 07, 2013

Do More with Locations Using Geo-Tagged Reminders in Localscope V3

In its newest version update, Localscope integrates with the iOS Reminders system to let users set location based reminders at any discovered location to receive proximity based push notifications. Localscope v3 also aggregates and presents all location based reminders from the Reminders app as search and discovery sources allowing the consumption of reminders and todos in a novel geographic perspective. V3 is completely re-engineered around the new iOS6 and integrates with the new Apple Maps. - October 18, 2012

Localscope v2.5 Introduces a New, Redesigned Icon and the Localscope API

Location browser app for the iPhone, Localscope, unveiled today, a shiny new app icon. The new icon design brings Localscope's philosophy of simplicity in form and function to the forefront. The new version also introduces the new Localscope API, enabling third party apps to launch the Localscope app to search and discover. - July 14, 2012

Localscope Now Supports Yelp

Localscope, the location browser for the iPhone, in its newest version is adding the much awaited source, Yelp to its selection of local search and discovery sources. Localscope users can now find great local businesses like restaurants, dentists, hair stylists and more listed with Yelp, and access deals and ratings, read reviews and opinions shared by Yelpers. v2.4 also adds integration with TeleNav & MotionX GPS HD navigation apps to provide users with turn by turn directions to a location. - June 03, 2012

Localscope v2.3 Adds Citysearch and Wikipedia the World's Largest Encyclopedia

Localscope, the popular location browser for the iPhone, in its latest version update v2.3, aggregates relevant geo tagged information about local places and landmarks from the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The new version also integrates with Citysearch the popular yellow pages infobase provided by Citygrid enabling users to find restaurants, local businesses or services around them. - May 05, 2012

Get Local News & Professional Reviews with Fwix in Localscope v2.2

Localscope, the location browser for the iPhone, in its latest version update v2.2 integrates with Fwix, aggregating local geo tagged news and professional reviews around a location in a tightly knit intuitive package. The new version also integrates with MotionX GPS and Verizon Navigator navigation apps to provide turn by turn directions to discovered locations. Localscope now speaks Norwegian, enabling support for 21 languages. - March 23, 2012

Localscope Updated to v2.1 - New Features, Improvements, Fixes and More

With the new update, Localscope introduces a new interactive full screen map view for any location found using integrated services within Localscope. The new version implements the iOS5 Twitter integration enabling a newer, sleeker way of sharing locations via Twitter. Localscope v2.1 extends support for Turkish language, and is now available in 20 languages. - March 07, 2012

Localscope on Sale, 50% Off from Black Friday Eve to Cyber Monday

Localscope, the popular social data powered local discovery app for the iPhone and iPod touch is discounted to half its price from Black Friday Eve, November 24 to Cyber Monday, 28th November. - November 26, 2011

Localscope Now Integrates with 4 More Navigation Apps

Localscope v1.9 integrates with 4 more popular navigation apps Magellan RoadMate, Navfree / Navmii GPS navigation, MotionX GPS Drive HD and Sygic GPS Navigation. Integrating with a total of 11 of the top navigation apps gives Localscope users the power to choose their favorite navigation app for turn by turn directions to a place discovered with Localscope. - October 26, 2011

Localscope Localizes Discovery of Places with Support for 19 Languages

Localscope v1.8 introduces support for 4 new languages - Danish, Finnish, Polish and Thai. Extending support to 19 languages enables iOS users worldwide to use Localscope on their devices in their native language. Localscope v1.8 has also been optimized for the newly released iOS 5. - October 16, 2011

Localscope v1.7 Improves Discovery of Places with Tighter Foursquare Integrations & a New In-App Browser

With the new update, Localscope integrates with the APIv2 of Foursquare to provide users with richer results while searching for locations and also integrates with the Foursquare iPhone App. The newly added in-app browser further enables users to explore the detailed web view of a location from within Localscope. Additionally Localscope is now localized to 6 more languages including Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Russian and Swedish. - September 01, 2011

Localscope 1.2 Integrates with TomTom & Facebook App for an Intuitive Search, Navigate & Share Experience for iOS Users

Close on the heels of its integration with Navigon MobileNavigator, Localscope's new release integrates with yet another leading provider of location and navigation solutions - TomTom, making it the best navigation app for the iOS AppStore. Also new is a tighter integration with the official Facebook app for seamless social sharing of locations. - February 24, 2011

Localscope 1.1 Integrates with Navigon MobileNavigator an iPhone GPS App

Localscope - the much acclaimed social data powered points of interest finder app for the iPhone, is making it even easier for users to find and navigate to a place by seamlessly integrating with the award winning Navigon MobileNavigator for advanced turn by turn directions. - January 27, 2011

Cynapse Releases - a Real Time Web Based Document Collaboration and Conferencing Tool for Teams and Businesses

Based on Etherpad, which was recently acquired and open sourced by Google, enables real time editing of documents through an easy to use web based word processor. Multiple users can edit a document in real time and chat using in-built instant messaging. desktop, built on Adobe AIR enables quick access and creation of documents. - April 22, 2010

Cynapse Partners with VNC for Exclusive Distribution of Across EMEA to Drive Open Source Enterprise 2.0 Initiatives

Cynapse announces exclusive distribution partnership with VNC to promote sales and marketing support for their open source enterprise 2.0 software in the EMEA Markets. - February 12, 2010

Cynapse Announces Multilingual Support for Its Enterprise Collaboration Software in 43 Languages

Cynapse marks their commitment for customers all over the world by offering the open source collaboration software in 43 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and more. - December 24, 2009

Cynapse Announces Availability of the Newest Version of the Social Intranet Software - v3

Facebook style discussions, rich audio and video streaming functionality expands the Open Source Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Platform along with an all new user interface and great new features -- On-Demand Edition now exclusively hosted in the Amazon EC2 cloud. - November 05, 2009 Announces 25% Discount and Migration to All SuiteTwo Customers an open source group collaboration software by Cynapse, announced a 25% discount and migration for all SuiteTwo (SpikeSource) customers, following the discontinuation of SuiteTwo's services. - January 14, 2009 Delivers Collaboration Software in a SaaS Model at New Reduced Prices

Starting at $99/month, SaaS offers Collaboration Software for Unlimited Users with a Pay-As-You-Go option and rapid deployment. - December 04, 2008 Desktop Built with Adobe AIR Offers Instant Collaboration Directly to the Desktop introduces the first open source cross platform desktop collaboration tool for the enterprise. Access, search and collaborate on the information stored in with real time discussions, desktop microblogging and live search. - November 29, 2008 v2.1: A Colossal Leap in Enterprise Collaboration

The latest version of harnesses social Web 2.0 concepts to deliver an evolved user experience that promises to drive workforce collaboration. The first internal enterprise microblogging system that fosters collaboration and communication between employees, access rights based activity stream and real time discussions are some of the key highlights of this release. - November 27, 2008

Cynapse Unveils v2, the Open Source Collaborative Knowledge Management Software - Available as an On-Premise Appliance or an On-Demand Service to Enterprises, SMBs, the industry leading SaaS offering for enterprise collaboration and knowledge management, is now available as an 'out of the box' software appliance that can be set-up behind your firewall. v2 is now open source and the full featured Community Edition software appliance is available for free download. - July 18, 2008

How Knowledge Management Can Make Your Educational Institutes e-Literate releases a comprehensive document on how Knowledge Management can help Educational Institutes achieve optimum standards in the educational domain. It lists what requirements a KM must fulfill to satisfactorily manage all the Knowledge Management requirements of an Educational Institutes. - June 28, 2007 Announces the Partner Program announced the launch of its 3 Tier affiliate Partner Program that promises partners commissions of 15% of the sale value on a purchase, a recurring 5% on renewals and 20% on upgrades. - November 14, 2006

Cynapse Unveils – Their Enterprise Information Management Service Exclusively to Bloggers and Web 2.0 Market Experts a Week Before Commercial Launch

Cynapse invites bloggers, market experts and evangelists to test drive and discuss the offering with the product team. - September 20, 2006

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