BuyYourCar Warns Car Buyers Not to Dial 070 for a Used Car, the UK portal for new, used and lease car sales in the UK, warns unsuspecting car buyers to be on their guard for premium rate phone scams. Although many people are aware of the premium rate numbers beginning with 09, many are unaware of the premium rate numbers beginning with... - October 15, 2006

BuyYourCar – Contract Hire Offers

Over 2000+ Contract Hire offers in one location - - October 07, 2006 – Online Car Sales, But Not Like You’ve Seen Before

It would be unfair to state that was trying to re-invent the wheel. does not seek not to change the way that people research, buy and sell cars on the Internet. Its goal is to improve the way that this is done, making it more efficient whilst saving the... - October 06, 2006

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