SCS Hardwood Floors Explains How to Handle Water Damage to Your Hardwood Floors

With all the rain that Florida has been receiving SCS Hardwood Floors has received many telephone calls requesting information on how to handle water damage on hardwood floors. - February 11, 2011

SCS Hardwood Floors Helps Customers Understand How the Air in Their Homes Can Affect Their Wood Floors

The flooring experts at SCS Hardwood Floors share valuable information about how the temperature and humidity in your home can effect your hardwood flooring. - January 13, 2011

SCS Hardwood Floors Offers Tips for Winterizing Your Floors and Narrowing the Gap

During the winter, even the most carefully installed wood floors tend to dry out and shrink. The floor behaves that way because of wood's relationship with moisture in the air. Air with a low moisture content, or low relative humidity (RH), causes wood to lose moisture. When wood loses moisture, it shrinks. What can you do about it? - December 15, 2010

Scs Hardwood Floors Lends a Helping Hand to Building Homes for Heroes

SCS Hardwood Floors, Orlando, Florida has just finished donating their time on the installation of hardwood flooring in a home makeover in Orlando for wounded Iraq War veteran Army Staff Sergeant William Castillo. - November 10, 2010

SCS Hardwood Floors is Getting Ready to Launch Their New Interactive Web Site

SCS Hardwood Floors is excited about the launch of their new web site which will include an online store so that SCS will now be able to offer hardwood flooring to customers throughout the United States and International markets. - September 11, 2010

SCS Hardwood Floors Can Now Re-Coat Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Can hardwood floors be cleaned and re-coated without sanding? SCS Hardwood Floors says that they can. - August 09, 2010

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