Free US Shipping for Holiday Gifts and Grocery Shoppers

Save money, save time, now save even more with free shipping throughout the United States from - October 15, 2010

New Product Helps Shoppers Save Money on Their Groceries

Thanks to a Florida inventor, carrying and managing many plastic bags full of less expensive bulk groceries is now just as easy as managing smaller loads. This saves money at the store. And lets shoppers make fewer trips to the supermarket, saving even more. - July 01, 2008

Florida Inventor Recieves Patent for Unique New Grocery and Department Store Plastic Shopping Bags Carrying and Managing Device

The ingeniously simple and inexpensive device will save consumers time, effort, and simplify a twice a week chore for over 111,000,000 U.S. households. - June 21, 2007

Local Inventor Assists Shoppers at the Palm Beach Home Show

Florida inventor has successful debut for his unique shoppers assistance product at South Florida Home show. - October 14, 2006

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