26 Angels Campaign Gears Up to Raise 26k for the My Sandy Hook Family Fund

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation (RMBF), Dream Little Dreamer (DLD), Michael “Magnedo7” Crawford and Shameia LaCrawf teamed up to raise money to aid the victims of this tragedy through the 26 Angels Benefit Campaign. - January 04, 2013

RMBF’s New Checklist Helps Parents Give the Dental Community a Check-Up

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc. (RMBF) has once again taken a step in pediatric patient protection by helping parents demand a higher level of preparedness in dental offices. The “Pediatric Dental Care Checklist” is an acronym packed with pertinent questions and concerns when... - May 14, 2011

Check Out RMBF’s New Check List for Parents

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc. (RMBF) celebrates the release of its “Pediatric Local Anesthesia Checklist,” which clearly outlines the areas of concern and the questions to ask prior to selecting a dentist team for pediatric patients. The guidelines are an essential tool for... - May 12, 2011

RMBF Publishes the “Top Six Questions” to Ask to Receive Top Care

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc. (RMBF) has streamlined the dentist selection process to six simple questions that could essentially be lifesaving. The recent addition to the RMBF website intends to carve a clear path for optimizing health and care by selecting dental providers who are... - May 11, 2011

Raven Maria Blanco Foundation Honors David Liddell at the Hinman Dental Meeting; ABC Captures Donation Live

Dental professionals from around the world gathered in Atlanta last week at the 99th Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting. The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation (RMBF) was among the attendees and was grateful to take this opportunity to donate an automatic external defibrillator (AED) to Christina’s Smile in honor of David Liddell, a 5 year-old Atlanta resident who passed away July 9th of 2010. - April 03, 2011

The Medical Emergency Preparedness Community Comes Together to Honor Wes Leonard

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc. (RMBF), Start a Heart, and the Institute of Medical Emergency Preparedness (IMEP) are donating an automated external defibrillator (AED) to Fennville High School in honor of Wes Leonard. - March 10, 2011

RMBF Announces March 9th, 2011 Celebration of Pediatric Patient Advocacy Day

Join the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc. (RMBF) in the celebration of awareness and action on March 9th, Pediatric Patient Advocacy Day, as they honor the 20 young lives lost due to an unforeseen medical emergency. March 9th, the anniversary of Raven Blanco’s death, will serve to ignite... - March 09, 2011

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